Million Dollar Listings

Luxury Home Features – What is Most Common?

Luxury Listings: Our Research on the Most Common Features

Across the country, Americans both young and old find themselves daydreaming of moving into a luxury home. Million dollar listings have become a popular topic as millennials watch the mind-blowing homes sold on reality TV and as popular gossip magazines share photos of celebrity mansions. But, where can you find the best luxury homes for sale? What luxury features really matter to Americans?

We were interested in uncovering some of the most common trends in luxury home sales in 2017 so we did a little digging into our internal data and broke down the amenities, price, and room count for each listing in the US over $1,000,000.

As it turns out, each state has their own preferences of what’s important in a luxury home as well as what you’re truly able to get in a home with a million dollar budget. While most of the country can agree that a pool and a bar are requirements in a luxury home, there are some disparities about which features are the most important after pools and bars. Whether it’s a gourmet kitchen, a rec room, or an elevator, we think all luxury amenities sound fabulous!


When looking at all listings nationwide, the five most common million dollar home features are a pool, a bar, a gourmet kitchen, an elevator, and a waterfront view.

While we all can agree that a million dollar home should be rather large, there are some states where you’ll be able to a get a little more bang for your buck. For example, luxury home listings in Indiana are the largest, coming in with an average square footage of 9,289. Check out the top 10 states with the biggest luxury homes below:

If you’re in the market for something more unique, you might consider a million dollar listing that features an elevator or a movie theater. If a sauna is your thing, you’ll have the most luck finding a home with this feature in Arizona, but if you’re looking for a basketball court you might need to move to Utah.

Whether you’re more traditional in your luxury home dreams or interested in finding a unique home with special features, there’s no denying that these luxury listings are fun to look at (even if you can’t quite foot the bill yet).

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