Why Your Landlord Matters When Renting a Home

by Ben SanfordFebruary 12, 2018

6 Qualities in a Landlord to Look For

The relationship between a tenant and landlord needs to be positive if the tenant wants to live a happier and stress-free life in their rental home. Sadly, this is not always the case with tenants and their landlords. For every good landlord, there are twenty who aren’t so great, and the same math applies to tenants, as well.

But, when your rental is a home instead of an apartment, you need to be sure that your landlord is responsible, reliable, and fair because unlike an apartment, in a home rental, it is just you and your landlord. You don’t have any other tenants to stand by you should a problem arise.

To help ensure you find the best landlord possible, here are six qualities in a landlord you should be looking for when interviewing for their rental.
qualities in a landlord

#1: Runs His or Her Property Like a Serious Business

Some landlords get into the business because they just want the passive income that comes from renting property. They don’t consider the amount of work and effort it takes to maintain their property from tenant to tenant and this often results in a poor or sometimes unsafe living environment. Therefore, you need to know that your landlord runs his or her property like an actual business. The landlord should be serious about providing the best housing solution for their tenant.

#2: Excellent Reputation

You want a landlord with a history of building positive rapport with their tenants. They should care about their tenants and their experiences and this should show in the number of positive online reviews and word-of-mouth referrals provided by former tenants.

#3: Well Organized

If you enter the landlord’s office and see a desk covered over with documents or the landlord has difficulty locating your rental documents, then this isn’t a good sign. Your landlord should be well organized and have all the documents you need to sign ready and available when you arrive.
qualities in a landlord good communicator

#4: Good Communication

How does the landlord speak to you when you meet with him or her? Do they speak in a friendly, but effective tone or do they act as if you’re bothering them or wasting their time? You want a landlord who you will feel comfortable contacting in the event there’s a problem in the home.

#5: Honest

An honest landlord makes for a good landlord. You want a landlord that will tell you about any issues or problems in the home before you start renting it. This shows that the landlord wants you to be fully aware of things before you sign the rental agreement and not surprised by them later, after you sign. If your landlord starts off the relationship being honest, then you can feel confident that she’ll be honest with you at other times as well.
qualities in a landlord reliable

#6: Reliability

When you rent a home, you will have issues to deal with just as you would should you buy a home. But, in a rental, the landlord is the one responsible for making the repairs. Therefore, you want a landlord who is reliable and quick to respond to problems. After all, you don’t want to have to wait three days before your broken water heater is replaced.

It’s not always easy finding the perfect combination of a great rental home and a good landlord, but they do exist. Don’t settle for the first place to come available, whenever possible. Your landlord matters, so you want to do your due diligence first – that way, you don’t find yourself trapped in a year-long lease with a substandard landlord.

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