Romanticism and the Classic Gazebo: Your Guide to Charm

by Linda RuzickaFebruary 26, 2018

The nostalgia and romance of the ambiance from a gazebo still has a draw, even today. It can act as a private retreat away from the stress and cares of the everyday world. Whether you want to sit and read a book, contemplate with a cup of tea, or just enjoy your garden–gazebos have a touch of old-world charm.

Initially used as a “gazing room” in the Victorian and Edwardian ages, gazebos were used to for enjoying the panoramic view of gardens and surrounding property. They are also classically used in romance novels as the setting for a forbidden tryst or a way to spend some time together as a couple. By any stretch of the imagination, gazebos are timeless.

Why You Should Add One to Your Landscaping

You may be asking yourself what purpose a gazebo would have in your landscaping. For starters, it’s different from a patio because it’s a free-standing structure that is always covered. Meaning that even on rainy days, you can enjoy being outside and relax among the greenery of your yard or garden. It can make the most of your space outdoors.
A concrete walkway leads to an outdoor gazebo.
A traditional gazebo is open on all sides, which can be a problem if you get a lot of rainy or windy days. But, if your weather is less than cooperative, there is the option of installing a gazebo which is sheltered. A sheltered gazebo can be created so that it’s entirely windproof and waterproof. This would permit you to enjoy it even in the winter months or windy, damp autumn days without getting wet.

Plus, you can leave your gazebo furniture, pillows and other belongings outside when you decide to go inside. With the different selections of modern gazebos, you can even have a heat source inside for colder days.

Here are a few additional reasons why you should add a gazebo to your backyard.

The Beautiful Features

There are so many flexible features of a gazebo when thinking about installing one in your yard. If you have a private spot which you enjoy or a convenient location, a gazebo would be perfect. With the roof protecting you from the elements, you can be out in the open air and still have partial or full shade. You even have a choice of either low three-or four-foot walls to no walls at all. Another option is to install screen so that all the beautiful elements of nature can be enjoyed, but the mosquitoes can’t penetrate.

Gazebos don’t have to be an installed fixture. Gazebos can also be free-standing so that they can be moved around. Whether stationary or adjustable, a gazebo can accommodate any lifestyle.
Residential backyard with gazebo, deck, stone patio and swimming pool.
With the shape of a gazebo being square, octagon, round, or oval, it can give you a quiet space for enjoyable intimate conversations. Other ideas for gazebos include making it the perfect shelter for your hot tub, outdoor kitchen, a protected fire pit, and even a place to do your yoga that’s quiet and peaceful. Or it could be the ultimate place to simply do nothing at all.

Kids Play Area

Another reason for a gazebo in your garden on your lawn or property is a place for the kids to play. When you have a gazebo in the backyard, it gives the kids a protected place to play and have fun. You can decorate in furniture for children with little tables and chairs and storage bins. This gives them a place to play when you’re cleaning inside, and they won’t make a mess where you’re cleaning.

For Entertaining

If you entertain a good deal of time, gazebos are the perfect place for birthdays, anniversaries, cook-outs and even weddings. A With a gazebo can make any occasion a glamorous one. It can be the creative main focal point of any function you decide to have in your garden or on your lawn.
Friends hold up wine glasses as they make a toast during a backyard party.

Adding Property Value

A gazebo can also be a strong selling point and raise the property value if and when you want to sell. If where you live offers limited amounts of solitude, you can increase the feelings of privacy without paying for fencing to surround your home. A permanent structure can raise the value of your home, especially if it is functional. It may not cause you to get a huge investment out of your home, but it could be the feature which seals the deal when selling.

When a gazebo is added to your garden or property, it can add ambiance to your outdoor space and give you a private spot to call your own.

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