Just… Wow: Ready to Visit the Safest Home in the State of Georgia?

by Jamey MortonMarch 8, 2018

A Big Fan of Safety-Conscious Design? Check out Georgia’s Safest Home!

Are you super wealthy and maybe just a bit paranoid about everything scary in the world? Want to live in luxury while feeling uber-safe from the outside world and any unforeseen dangers? Then this home is definitely the one for you. Wait, “home” is not the right word… fortress? Luxury stronghold? Fortified mansion? World wonder? Whatever you call it, the “home” looks normal (but still extremely expensive) from the outside, and actually hides top-of-the-line security inside.

Designed by Al Corbi, a leading global security expert, the home is built to 1,000-year specifications. In other words, this one-of-a-kind home has been “engineered to last the test of time… with design criteria up to three times the city code for specified deflection.”

Ready to see what one of the world’s safest homes and this extraordinary presidential compound looks like? Read on to catch a glimpse inside this state-of-the-art Atlanta home.
safest home in georgia

Unless You Have a Password and Key, Good Luck Entering This GA Home!

Resting on 3.5 acres, this stunning 36,000 square foot home has enough high security features to guard a small country! With fortified walls; bulletproof doors and windows; independent water, heat, electrical sources; a secure observation tower; and even a 15,000 square foot bunker — that alone is larger than most American mansions — you and your family could rest assured that you’d have a three-year supply of food at the ready to help you survive the end times. With multiple hidden exits all over the property, this is surely the safest place to be in case of a statewide emergency.

And if you weren’t already sold on the structure’s staying power, the retaining walls are “stronger than poured concrete, filled with 5/8″ steel reinforcing rods and 5,000 psi concrete for additional strength.” The property also features technology that makes the home’s exterior virtually soundproof and ready to keep your top-secret information safe within.
safest home in georgia

Discover What’s It Like to Live in Atlanta’s “Acropolis on the Hill”

While the house is not yet completed, this stunning Atlanta compound boasts interior framing for eight bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, three kitchens, and a couple of commercial-grade elevators. Pak Heydt Design’s plans for this home are a big draw, as the 36,000 square foot structure has a museum-quality art gallery, spa, theatre, solarium, huge wine cellar, an indoor shooting range, a bowling alley, and an infinity pool.
safest home in georgia

But the semi-finished ultra-fortified mega-mansion has another big pull: it’s located in the elite community known as the “Country Club of the South.” Living here, your neighbors would include entertainers and sports professionals such as Usher, Allen Iverson, and Jeff Foxworthy.

As if that weren’t enough, you can really live out your fantasies of being Bruce Wayne with the Batcave-like vault, where you can store your cars and access from the outside by driving through a waterfall. Yes, your very own functional waterfall!
safest home in georgia

Top Safety Costs Top Dollar at This Georgia Estate

Priced at $14.7 million, purchasing this safety-conscious home will cost you a pretty penny. But if money is of no concern and you’re willing to pay top dollar for your safety, then you won’t find a more secure home in the state. Sound like the perfect estate for you? Put your offer in now!

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