Mendocino House Built Entirely With Reclaimed Timber

by Jamey MortonMarch 29, 2018

Mendocino’s One-of-a-Kind “Timbers” Home, Made From Reclaimed Wood

When we say “Timbers,” we’re not talking about Oregon’s beloved soccer team, or the pirate phrase “shiver me timbers.” No, we’re talking about a one-of-a-kind oceanside home in Mendocino, California!

The “Timbers” home is a piece of seriously eye-catching real estate, as local craftsman Harold Brayton designed the custom residence to be built entirely from stunning reclaimed timber. Whether you love the warmth of wood-filled mid-century homes, or you’re all about saving the environment, this is a home you definitely won’t want to miss.
timber home california

Discover What Happens When Imagination Meets Ocean

Set along north Mendocino’s gorgeous coastline, this private hilltop property boasts unparalleled water views. As you wind along the highway, you’ll turn off towards 45621 Cypress Drive, where you’ll discover this property’s magic. With pristine views in every direction, it’s as if you have your own modern take on a lighthouse!

From the exterior, you’ll appreciate the owner’s forethought to surround the property with tall greenery, giving you a coveted sense of privacy in the typically exposed coastal area. Likewise, you’ll have a moment to admire the home’s eclectic exterior. The unconventional slants and shapes formed by the reclaimed wood reel you in to the property, but the home’s architecture keeps you guessing about what you’ll find inside.
timber home california

It’s Mid-Century Style, With a Unique Twist

While the home’s ashy exterior may leave you with questions about what you’ll find inside this iconic hilltop property, from the moment you open the home’s front door, you’re greeted with nothing but warmth! The entry way is lined with warm reclaimed wood, reminiscent of Pietro Belluschi’s modernist mid-century designs.

On the first floor, you’ll find ample living space for you and your family. After a long day of work, imagine yourself unwinding in the master suite; with wood paneling on all sides, it’s almost like you’re in a woodland retreat! The lower level of the home also houses two additional bedrooms and a laundry space, but the home’s real showstopper spaces reside upstairs.
timber home california
To discover the rest of the home’s arts and crafts magic, you’ll have to ascend the custom-build wood staircase that spirals you up towards the second floor. Instantly, you’re once again immersed in nature as large picture windows display ocean views from every room. On this floor, you’ll find a stunning kitchen complete with mid-century pendant lights, custom cabinetry, and beautiful wood beams overhead.

The second floor’s open layout lets you walk naturally from the kitchen space into the adjoining living room, where you’ll find a large fireplace to keep you warm from the cool breeze of the Pacific. And just when you thought you’d seen it all, step outside to find a sprawling wrap-around deck that offers breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean and neighboring lighthouses.
timber home california

Are You Sold on This Custom “Timbers” Home?

If you’ve been searching for a property that marries mid-century warmth with coastal living, your search ends here. This custom-designed home in Mendocino is truly a work of art, in a location that can’t be beat. Listed at $1,125,000, this 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home is sure to sell quickly.

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