Most Popular Home Styles in the Northeastern US

by Mahogany WaldonMarch 30, 2018

Everyone wants to find their perfect home. Many homebuyers know exactly what they want their home to look like, down to exterior and interior design details. Across the U.S., home styles become trends due to their popularity, geographical location, and other factors specific to an area. For instance, in somewhere that’s prone to flooding like New Orleans, you won’t typically find a lot of low-lying ranch-styled homes, not to say that they don’t exist in the Crescent City, but geographically, it’s unrealistic. You may not know all the details of the effect geographics have on home styles, but for that reason, we’ve compiled a series of graphics to help home buyers get a feel for which styles are popular in various parts of the country.A map depicting the most popular home styles in northeastern US including country, cottage, and ranch styles.

Northeastern US

The Northeastern region of the U.S. is characterized by its cold weather and the region usually gets precipitation year-round, from rain to snow. The Northeast is also a prime destination for Spring and Summer travel when the weather is mild. The upper East Coast also attracts visitors year-round due to its miles of shoreline. Outside of the coastline, the Northeastern U.S. has scenic beauty including lots of forests, mountains, and archipelago – Martha’s Vineyard, anyone?! All of these physical aesthetics of the upper East Coast states give Northeastern homes their characteristics.

Country Style

Got a thing for a wrap-around porch? Do rural areas and catching fireflies appeal to you? Well, you might find that a country-style home may be perfect for you. Popular in rural communities, this style is known for its simplicity and durability, which makes sense being that these homes can also be described as “farmhouses.” Imagine life on a farm, there isn’t really much need for a lot of flair, simple and durable are two terms that convey the rural way of life. Today, country-styled homes are popular across the nation – although they probably derived from the Mid-West. Country-style homes usually include features like large verandas or wrap-around porches, stucco walls, and steep roofs.

Ranch Style

Okay, if you can’t get enough of rural, slow, easy living, this popular Northeastern style may give you a run for your money. Ranch-style homes gained popularity in the 1930s. Inspired by Western ranches, their appeal embodies practical rural architecture. Most ranch-style homes are long, simple homes and can vary in floor plans but most are one-story structures. Split-level homes are also considered ranch-style and they are popular in the Northeast as well.

Cottage Style

Remember when we mentioned the Northeast being the perfect place for visitors? Well, cottage-style homes offer quaint, cozy designs for that very reason. Cottages were typically small homes attached to a larger home and even some guesthouses are cottage-style, but today, these homes stand alone and have a modest spin on a popular design. These small structures are usually stone, but brick cottages are also common. Cape Cod homes, named after scenic Cape Cod in Massachusetts, are often categorized as cottage-style homes as well. Although they are often larger than a typical cottage, Cape Cod homes were made to mimic early cottages in Great Britain.

So there you have it. If you’re interested in sailing up to the Northeast, consider moving into a home with one of these trends. Don’t forget to check out some of our listings that include your favorite. Need some inspiration on how to bring your favorite style to life? No worries, we’ve also compiled everything you need to know about home decor and how to accentuate your favorite style. Let us know in the comments below which one stands out to you the most.

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