Moving? Don’t Make These 8 Common Mistakes

It’s no secret that packing up your life and settling into a new place isn’t easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re going across town or to another state; moving takes a considerable amount of time, money, and effort. But with a little planning and taking some time for yourself, it can be much less stressful.

Whether you’re planning your first or fortieth move, try to avoid these common moving mistakes.

Waiting until the Last Minute to Pack

Packing is the most important part of moving, but it can also be overwhelming and add inconvenience to an already-stressful time in your life. Give yourself twice as much time to pack as you think you’ll need, and break the process into manageable steps by boxing up one room at a time. Label each box and include a note about what’s inside the container to save time when you unpack.

Packing box

Letting a Moving Company Handle Your Valuables

Pack and transport any family heirlooms or important documents yourself so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost, misplaced, or even worse, stolen. No matter how great the reviews for the moving company are, don’t trust your valuables with anyone but you.

Losing the Toiletries You Need on Your First Night

Pack a bag with your medications, toiletries, toilet paper, cosmetics, snacks, laptop, pet food, scissors (you’ll need them to open boxes later), and anything else you might want or need so you can start settling into your new home right away.

Lifting More Than You Can Handle

Mark heavy boxes so you aren’t surprised when you pick them up. Always squat and lift with your legs instead of bending over and lifting with your back, or you could end up with a painful strain or even cause long-term damage to your body. If you need help, just ask for it. Many friends are happy to help you move in exchange for lunch or dinner.

Not Measuring Your Furniture Ahead of Time

There’s nothing worse than realizing your favorite comfy couch (that fit perfectly in your old home) won’t even get through the front door of your new home. Bringing furniture that doesn’t fit is a waste of time and can be very frustrating. Measure everything ahead of time (furniture, entryways, hallways, etc.) so you don’t get stuck on moving day.

Measuring floor

Forgetting to Switch Utilities

You’ve moved everything into your new home, but when you sit down to share pictures on Facebook, there’s no internet connection because you forgot to call your internet provider. Or perhaps you try to turn on the light in the bedroom and nothing happens because you didn’t switch the power. Make a checklist of what needs to be disconnected from your old house and connected in your new one for a smooth transition and no service interruptions.

Not Taking Care of Yourself

If you regularly go to the gym or practice yoga, make time for exercise during the moving process. You may have less time, but carving out even just a few minutes to get some fresh air or go for a walk can reduce your stress.

Reading, painting, or other creative pursuits can also be relaxing, as can spend an afternoon at the movies with your partner to get your mind off your to-do list.

Not Leaving Time to Say Goodbye

If you’re moving far away, chances are your friends and family will want to spend time with you before you go. Save time to have dinner or drinks with friends and family. Even if it gives you less time for something else, you’ll never regret spending time with loved ones.

As you get ready for your upcoming move, keep these tips in mind to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Cassie is a digital journalist based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. She is passionate about interior design, thrifting for unique treasures, and creating a harmonious space for work and play. When she isn't rearranging her furniture she is binge-watching Netflix or playing with her dog.

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