Old Hollywood Glamour For Sale: Fabulous Beachfront Santa Monica Property With History!

by Jamey MortonMarch 22, 2018

A Beautiful Beachfront Home With a Star-Studded Pedigree

If you happen to have just under twelve million dollars laying around and you are really into the homes of the rich and famous of Hollywood’s glory days, then this could be just the beachfront home for you. This five-thousand square foot home boasts an unbeatable location, five bedrooms and five baths, a walled-in tennis court, and an in-ground pool.

This home is literally parked on the beach right in Santa Monica. It has been the home of so many Hollywood starlets, leading men, and moguls, that it most likely appears on many of the star maps of yesteryear. With a mortgage payment of $62,000 a month — assuming you have $2.5 million for the 20% down payment — you could live just like the rich and famous, right by the ocean.
old hollywood beachfront santa monica

If the Walls Could Talk…

This home has quite the impressive Old Hollywood pedigree. For starters, it’s the former home of English-American leading man Cary Grant. It was also home to one of Grant’s best leading women, Joan Fontaine. Later, it was the home of Hollywood leading man Randolph Scott for a time, as well. On top of all that, the home was originally built in the late twenties for silent film actress Norma Talmadge.

This gorgeous French Normandy-style home was owned by and lived in for a time by businessman, pilot, and notorious germaphobe Howard Hughes. It was also home to Sharon Marie Tate Polanski for a time, as well as A-list actress Grace Kelly, who later became Princess Grace of Monaco. This home’s roots feature not only Hollywood royalty, but actual royalty.
old hollywood beachfront santa monica

A Work of Preservation in Santa Monica

The home has been gorgeously preserved with many of the details that marked the height of Hollywood luxury. It has five beautifully tiled, colorful bathrooms throughout, wonderful leaded-glass windows throughout, and custom wood floors created by master craftsmen. Architecturally, it might be more at home in the French countryside than on the beach in Southern California, but either way, the interior is absolutely stunning.

The interior features a grand circular staircase, an absolutely beautiful formal dining room set off with a double set of French doors, an updated kitchen that still manages to retain its original charm, and five beautifully appointed bedrooms. The master suite includes a sitting room that overlooks the courtyard pool, and the private tennis court and ocean beach beyond.
old hollywood beachfront santa monica

The Grounds and the Setting

The home is situated on the historic mile of Santa Monica beach known as the original Gold Coast for the Hollywood royalty who called it home. It has no neighbors, and features a parking lot on either side to ensure that whoever lives there has plenty of privacy, away from prying eyes. It comes complete with a heated, brick-lined pool, and a shaded courtyard with a fountain.

On the Palisades Beach Road side of the home, you will find a motor court that paves the way to the home’s massive four-car garage. And while this may not be enough room for a classic car collector, the motor court, complete with its stone and brick pavers and the four blue-painted wood doors of the garage beyond would make an excellent backdrop for a photo shoot.
old hollywood beachfront santa monica

Get This Piece of Hollywood History at the Beach While You Can

This home has not been on the market in forty years and may not be on the market again for a lifetime to come. It brings together in one listing many desirable and extremely rare qualities. It has a celebrity pedigree; it is architecturally impeccable; it has an pool and a tennis court, and it sits directly on the beach in Santa Monica. Really – what more could anyone ask for?

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