Skip the Travel Costs – Here’s How to Turn Your Home Into a Cabin Retreat

by Alex ThatcherMarch 7, 2018

Finding Your ‘Inner Rustic’ Means Taking Inspiration From the Outdoors

When the last of the winter months are upon us, as it is now, and it seems like the sun is playing peek-a-boo, there’s nothing better than cozying up by the fire, while you still have some time left. Imagine yourself there, with your feet nestled in sheepskin slippers, and your lap shrouded in a flannel blanket. You have a cup of strong coffee in an enameled mug resting on an end table of hewn spruce beside you. The scent of fresh pine needles is mixing with a hint of wood smoke in the air.

Channeling the feel of the Great North Woods can be a bit of a challenge for some of us. But with this quick guide, you can make your space, no matter how urban it may be, into a rustic cabin in no time. The trick is in getting the details right. But with a modicum of expense (compared to renting an entire cabin hideaway for the weekend) and a bit of taste—you can cozy your nest up in a single weekend, and enjoy the benefits well into the start of spring.

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Ambience = Flame

Perhaps even more important than the logs that make up the walls of the cabin itself, are the logs that crackle in the cabin’s hearth. Every cabin needs a fire. If you’re serious about turning your home into a cabin retreat, then you need to start with the hearth; “the hearth makes the home,” after all.

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, then feel free to move on to the next section. If you have one but fear it isn’t safe to use, or if you don’t have one, you can create the same effect with a purchased electric fireplace or with a group of large candles in a firebox of some sort.

Fabrics to Cozy Up To

The second most important step toward making your home into a cabin has everything to do with coverings. If you’re not lucky enough to already have wood wall paneling (or actual log walls), you can go a long way toward creating that rustic retreat feeling with sheepskin throws, a faux fur rug, and flannel—lots and lots of flannel.

For bonus points, track down vintage Hudson Bay, Pendleton, or Woolrich blankets for that authentic look. But, if you don’t have several hundred dollars to spend on the real thing, consider buying decorative fabrics in rustic Southwest or Northwest patterns, and using them to create much the same effect.

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The Little Cabin-Like Touches and Where to Find Them

Now that we have the sight, sounds, and feel of the rustic cabin recreated in your home with a hearth and some cozy wall, floor, and couch coverings, let’s turn our attention to the little touches that will make your cabin getaway complete. To recreate the scent of the woods, consider buying or crafting a fall wreath.

If wreaths aren’t your thing, then scented candles or an air freshener that evokes the smell of the forest could do the trick. Beyond the smell of moss, dry leaves, and pine needles, all that remains are the little homey decorative touches that nearly all mountain and beach cabins seem to share.

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Making a Retreat Out of Your Home in a Few Simple Steps

With a little decorative acumen; the right firebox, stove, or hearth; and the right blankets and rug, you can bring a real cabin getaway experience into your home. Your wallet will thank you, as will your stress levels this winter. And, maybe best of all, you won’t have to leave your home to relax and get a piece of country living on your own budget and timeframe.

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