When Your Backyard Is a Runway, Buy a Plane and a House!

by Jamey MortonMarch 1, 2018

Buy This Texas House, and Discover Your New Aviation Lifestyle!

Calling all plane enthusiasts: here’s a home you won’t be able to ignore. If you’re into planes, and by that, we mean really into planes, this custom hangar house is sure to be your next haven. If you delight in owning planes, watching them, building them, traveling in them, and flying them – we get it, you can’t get enough of the aviation lifestyle! So why separate yourself from your passion?

With this one of a kind home, you don’t have to. Not only does it have its own hangar, but it also has a separate shop for repairing and building your beloved planes. Even better, the home boasts direct access to Texas’ nearby Hooks Airport, so you can drive your plane straight from your house and directly to the runway.

Does this sound like paradise? If so, read on to check out all the incredible aviation perks that come with this hangar style home.
texas aviation home

Fly Home to Your New Spring Texas Home

Located at 8308 Thora Lane, this home in Spring, Texas offers unparalleled access on both land and sky. If you arrive by plane, you’ll first soak in the big sky views as you descend toward your private airstrip. Standing on the home’s front porch, the natural landscape views are unbeatable. The only thing that makes it better is glimpsing the planes flying overhead, making all your aviation dreams come true.

Before you head inside, it’s wise to stop and admire the architectural harmony between hangar and home. The sprawling 11,000-plus square foot home matches its neighboring hangar, creating your own aviation empire!
texas aviation home

Spend Your Days Watching Airshows From the Comfort of Your Own Home

We all know that the personal airstrip and airplane hangar are the home’s true focal points for the plane-obsessed, but this Texas home does a great job of standing on its own. Inside this spacious 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home, you’ll find ample space for entertaining.

You can invite guests over to watch the airshow outside (both the living room and dining room areas feature pristine views of the hangar and airstrip), as you prepare complimentary snacks and beverages in your state of the art kitchen. All the while, your guests need not worry about putting their tray tables up after finishing their gourmet snacks!
texas aviation home
As you invite your guests to move through the home, make sure to point out all emergency exits, which you’ll find on each floor. Whether your guests decide to get cozy with a book in the pilot’s library, or next to a fireplace in a guest room, we’re pretty sure they’ll be comfortable here for the duration of the flight, err… we mean, stay.
texas aviation home

If You Can Afford a Plane, You Can Probably Afford This Home Too

If your guests are ready to stay, let them know that they don’t have to worry about limiting carry on items — the home has space for all! Just be sure to warn them, the home does come with a $3.5 million price tag. But hey, if they’re ready to contribute a plane to your property, invite them to stay!

So are you truly ready to delve into an aviation-centric lifestyle? The chance to own a home, an airstrip, and an airplane hangar all on one piece of property doesn’t fly in every day, so don’t delay! Get on board with this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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