Contemporary Home Design: 5 Benefits of Modern House Plans

by Mattea JacobsApril 19, 2018

Contemporary or modern house plans are becoming increasingly popular and even a welcome change in home design. They are functional, efficient in more ways than one, and look aesthetically appealing as well.

Many cities, residential areas, and even neighborhoods have their own set of codes, rules, and restrictions when it comes to construction and the design of houses. However, with the numerous benefits of modern plans coming to light, they have become less restrictive and more open to these new, contemporary ways.

1. Efficient Utilization of Space

One of the main benefits and principles of modern house plans is maximizing the space and making it as functional and efficient as possible while taking into consideration both the indoors and the surrounding outdoors.

What this kind of design aims to achieve is an open space and natural airflow throughout the house. By designing the high ceilings, wide corridors and hallways with as little transitions and obstacles as possible, everything is more connected, and rooms seem to be natural extensions of one another. There are no superfluous objects and designs here.

When it comes to the outdoors, modern designs blend in with the surrounding environment and houses, taking into consideration the zoning laws and regulations. The aim here is to extend the living space to the outside, creating a beautiful and functional backyard, garden or whatever the design entails. The ultimate result and guiding principle is a balance between space, the size of the home and the surrounding nature.

2. Plenty of Light

Allowing as much natural light into the house as possible is very important with modern designs, and it is beneficial for various reasons. Natural light is healthier and less straining for our eyes; it increases productivity and comfort levels. Apart from that, turning on fewer lights less often leads to less energy waste and decreased electricity bills.

In contemporary houses, plenty of natural light is achieved by installing enough windows around the house. Large windows will be a better source of the light, especially if they are on the south side of the house. If you need a bit more privacy and don’t want your indoors to be as exposed to outside looks, there is another solution. Installing several smaller windows on different sides of the room will also provide you with sufficient natural light, but with more privacy.

3. Aesthetically Appealing Design

Having a functional and efficient house doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the aesthetic aspect of it. Modern plans focus on beautiful and appealing designs just as much as they do on other structural and functional aspects.

Some of the main contemporary characteristics of house designs are bold and large exterior elements on the house and flat or shallow sloped rooflines. Above all, the focus is on clean, sharp lines and elements, and when it comes to the materials, they are mostly wood, metal, stone, and glass. Structures are simple with no unnecessary add-ons. All of this results in a simple and clean, yet modern-looking and beautiful house.

4. Lots of Room for Customization

One of the best aspects of modern house plans is that there is plenty of room for customization. Not everything appeals to everyone’s taste, so there is always room for redesigns and modifications. Modern plans are flexible and open, don’t rely on fixed conventions and designs, which means that you can decide what the purpose of a certain room or space will be.

The plans and designs are made in such a way that you can decide to customize your home sometime in the future; it doesn’t have to be right away. You can adapt your rooms or repurpose them as it best suits you, expand the space or even downgrade in size.

5. Earth-Friendly Home

One of the most important benefits of contemporary house designs is that they put great focus on energy-efficiency and environmental awareness. Some of the previously mentioned features already have those aspects in their focus, such as utilizing natural light, but there is much more to it.

Modern designs imply using natural, recycled and sustainable materials and insulation, not wasting anything, including those materials, as well as air conditioning, air flow, and energy of any kind. When it comes to water usage, these designs include water-saving indoor plumbing, and as far as lighting is concerned, energy-efficient bulbs and natural light are the main solutions.


All in all, the benefits of modern house plans are numerous and continue to grow with the development of the industry, along with their popularity. Their designs are simple yet effective, functional yet flexible and they can be customized according to specific needs and desires.

With open floor plans, the natural flow of both air and light, the balance between aesthetics, structural, spatial functionality, nature, and energy-efficiency, contemporary designed homes can fit into anyone’s lifestyle and budget.

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