Looking for a Malibu, CA Home for Your Exotic Car Collection?

by Jamey MortonApril 26, 2018

Own a Fancy Car Collection? Here’s the Auto Museum You’ve Been Looking For

We’ve all heard the familiar sayings, “the cart comes before the horse,” or “chicken comes before the egg,” but have you ever heard “the car comes before the house?”

Likely, no. But don’t worry, if that’s a slogan you can get on board with, we’ve found the perfect house that makes sense to add as an addition to your existing car collection. Already have a priceless, limited edition collector’s dream Lamborghini, but you need a home to match? We’ve got you covered.

If you have an exotic car collection that you’re eager to show off, don’t wait until the next local car show to be the talk of the town. Now’s your chance to buy a one-of-a-kind auto museum home. Let’s take a walk around the property together, shall we?
home for car collector

Welcome to Your 7,000 Square Foot Personal Auto Museum!

Located at 7106 Grasswood Ave, this multi-million dollar Malibu home is an architectural marvel. From the outside, the structure appears as a sleek, state-of-the-art showroom. Framed by lush greenery from all angles, the visitor’s eye goes straight toward the home, and better yet, the objects resting behind the commercial-grade glass windows.

But rest assured, unwanted visitors will be kept at bay from your exotic car collection, as the structure comes well equipped with a high-definition security camera system.
home for car collector

Ready for a Show-Stopper “Living Room?” This Is It!

This home truly goes above and beyond; not only will you find a space with all the makings of a conventional living room, but this home also includes a living room for your prized luxury car collection.

Picture this: a commercially designed high-bay, steel and aluminum space that houses 25 cars, with ease. The car showroom offers the best for your exotic cars, as the room boasts ideal conditions for antique autos with a computer-monitored air filtration system.
home for car collector
Oh, and did we mention the space is acoustically engineered to perfection? The curved ceiling panels and aluminum acoustic wall panels provide suburb acoustic sound absorption. Other features that prove this is the best showroom for your cars include a newly redone commercial grade roof (with 10 years left on its warranty), and black epoxy floors located throughout.

While showing off your beloved cars is certainly important, it’s equally important to make sure you have a cozy place to retire after a busy day of showing your automobiles. To those ends, at the back of the showroom, you’ll find access to a modest 800 square foot living space.

Though small in comparison to the cars’ official living quarters, the modern stainless steel appliances, the warm wood, and ample natural light make the “human quarters” feel like a luxury suite. With an elevated mezzanine, flexible living space, and angular cut outs, this home is a modern Malibu dream (for the right car collector, that is!).
home for car collector

So how much will it cost to purchase your own home auto museum? A pretty penny. This one-of-a-kind showroom is listed at a staggering $10 million. But if you can already afford of dozens of exotic cars, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. What’s a few more million to make sure your investments are living in ideal conditions?

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