Most Popular Home Styles in the Western US

by Christelle HollomonApril 10, 2018

Everyone wants to find their perfect home. Many homebuyers know exactly what they want their home to look like, down to exterior and interior design details. Across the U.S., home styles become trends due to their popularity, geographic location, and other factors specific to an area. For instance, in somewhere that’s prone to flooding like New Orleans, you won’t typically find a lot of low-lying, ranch-styled homes – this is not to say that they don’t exist in the Crescent City, but geographically speaking, it’s unrealistic. You may not know all the details of the effects that geography can have on home styles, but for that reason, we’ve compiled a series of graphics to help home buyers get a feel for which styles are popular in various parts of the country.

A map highlighting the popular home styles (Mediterranean, ranch and modern) in the western states.

Western US

The Western US, also known as “the West,” is known for arid to semi-arid plateaus and plains. Covering more than half of the land area in the US, the West is the largest region of the country. Because it is so large and diverse, it is divided into two sub-regions — Mountain States and Pacific States. The Pacific states attract many tourists year-round to enjoy the miles of beaches up the shoreline and many big cities. The Mountain states draw in many visitors as well to enjoy the beautiful views of the Rockies and Great Plains.

Mediterranean Style

Do you love entertaining and hosting get-togethers? Do you love relaxing and just enjoying the breeze? Or perhaps, even both? No worries, a Mediterranean-style house may be perfect for you! Inspired by Spanish and Italian architecture, Mediterranean-styled homes are characterized by stucco or plaster exteriors with red barrel-tile roofs. These houses are perfect for entertaining as they often have open layouts, patios, and other outdoor spaces.

Ranch Style

Maybe you prefer more of the easy living, rural vibe. The West got you covered as well. Ranch-styled homes are a staple of the West – home on the range anyone? These houses are an American classic and embody a slow-paced, casual living. They are characterized as long, close to the ground, typically one-story homes with very informal architecture. Although the original ranch houses were very minimalistic, many new variations of the ranch-style house have made their way into the housing market, including split-level ranches.

Modern Style

Modern-styled homes are clean cut, to say the least. Becoming dominant following World War II, these homes have a minimalistic aesthetic. Instead of having decorative moldings and trims, modern houses boast traditional materials, expressing its natural character. They often have low, flat roofs, large expanses of glass (and natural lighting!), and emphasize clean cut vertical and horizontal lines. Modern homes tend to be very energy-efficient homes as well.

So there you have it. If you’re interested in sailing up to the West, consider moving into a home with one of these trends. Don’t forget to check out some of our listings that include your favorite. Need some inspiration on how to bring your favorite style to life? No worries, we’ve also compiled everything you need to know about home decor and how to accentuate your favorite style. Let us know in the comments below which one stands out to you the most.

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