Ready for the Next Total Eclipse? Here’s Why You Should Visit Austin, TX Now

by Ben SanfordApril 4, 2018

Get Some Austin Before the Crowds Descend for the Eclipse

You may still be recovering from last summer’s total solar eclipse. It won’t be too long until you will have to turn around and face another potential life-changing celestial event with bright eyes. The next full solar eclipse will cross the US on April 8th, 2024 and the first city of any size in its path is the capital of Texas, Austin.

It can be hard to predict what the turnout or the general response may be. The record one million visitors who thronged to Oregon to be among the first to experience the 2017 eclipse may be broken by the number of people who descend upon Austin.

So, why not visit the “Live Music Capital of the World” now, on an advance scouting expedition to see what the city has to offer and to figure out where you want to view the eclipse? If this has sparked your sense of adventure, here’s a few exciting reasons to visit the city of Austin now.
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The Music in Austin

Maybe it’s because Austin is the state capital, or maybe it’s because it’s a college town — home to fifty thousand or more students every year. Whatever the reason, for a city of right around a million residents, Austin has a music scene that rivals many of the world’s biggest cities.

Between the very well-developed local music scene and the multiple music festivals — South by Southwest (SXSW) and Austin City Limits, the largest among them — there’s never a bad time to visit Austin if you’re searching for great live music.

The Art, Public and Private

Austin may be predominantly known for live music, but it could just as easily be known for the quality of its other art scenes, as well. The city is home to a great many rising stars in the contemporary art world. It is also home to a thriving theater scene and a great literary community.

Austin has many world-class museums and art galleries for you to spend your time and money in. But, for the best in Austin’s visual art scene, many folks recommend touring the city’s extensive street art scene.

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The Food in Austin: More Than Just BBQ

Austin is home to several well-known, world-class chefs. You can definitely have the tasting-menu experience in this city if your wallet and taste buds can handle it. On the other end of the spectrum, the city is quite well known for the quality of its cheap eats and is home to a robust food truck scene, too.

You’re bound to have a great dining experience during your visit if you mix and match your restaurant selections for a total eating panorama of the city. Wherever you decide to eat, make sure you sample the city’s tacos and barbecue options. They’re what Austin is known for.

Great Transportation Around Austin

You can leave the car at home and experience Austin without a rental quite affordably and easily. The city has a world-class mass transit system as well as citywide car sharing through Reachnow, Car2go, Zipcar, and other services. Lyft and Uber are both set up in the city, and there are several traditional cab companies to choose from as well.

The Lodgings

If you’re visiting Austin as an advance excursion to scope out the city prior to the next eclipse, then surveying the city’s available lodgings will probably top your list of necessary activities. As luck would have it, the city has a variety of accommodations to suit just about any taste and budget.

Austin has Airbnb locations throughout its core and nearby communities, well-known brand hotels and motels, and some great alternative lodgings for you to choose from — should you be inclined to get the most-Austin-like experience.

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Getting Ready for the Next Eclipse

Sure, the next eclipse is still six years away, but why not put Austin in your travel plans now? That way, you can see some of what the city has to offer before the crowds get there. And what’s more, you can get a feel for where you’ll want to eat and where you’ll want to stay. When you come back to see the moon transit the sun, you can navigate the city like a real pro.

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