This Amazing Replica of Anne Boleyn’s Castle in Wisconsin Could Be Yours!

by Jamey MortonApril 12, 2018

English Royal History Nerd? Check Out This Incredible Replica of Anne Boleyn’s Castle!

A couple centuries after the queen’s death, one Wisconsin creative built Minnewoc — a lake country estate that is modeled after Anne Boleyn’s family estate, Hever Castle. Built in 1892, Minnewoc is a stunning estate that includes 7.2 acres of private land, as well as an island. If only Anne Boleyn herself had access to this dreamy island during her time spent in exile!

Whether you’re a true fan of English royal history, or you’re a lover of castle-inspired homes, this Wisconsin castle is definitely worth visiting. Read on and take an inside look at the newly renovated estate with a likeness of Anne Boleyn’s castle.
Replica of Anne Boleyn's Castle

Welcome Home to Minnewoc!

As you wind down Wisconsin’s Pabst Road, you’ll discover the beautiful Minnewoc mansion along the shores of Oconomowoc Lake. Originally built by a wealthy tycoon from Chicago, George Bullen, this castle estate boasts 800 feet of shoreline and over half a dozen acres of land that you can call your own small kingdom.

From the sprawling driveway, gaze up at the estate and note the resemblance to the original within the structure and stonework. Stately and austere, the castle wards off unwanted visitors, but if you’re lucky enough to venture inside, you might be surprised at what you find…
Replica of Anne Boleyn's Castle

Learn What It’s Like to Live Like a (Modern) Royal

Minnewoc is an expansive, three-story, 16,000 square foot estate, with 21 rooms total, including 6 spacious bedroom suites. Before you get overwhelmed navigating the castle, know that you can rest at ease, because the sprawling mansion is homier than you might think.

True to its original nineteenth-century design, the home retains opulent details and gorgeous finishes throughout, including hand-carved wood fireplaces, etched glass windows, rich paneling, and royal-worthy chandeliers. However, a major renovation in 2013 upgraded the historic home to feel more modern — without losing the home’s historical integrity.
Replica of Anne Boleyn's Castle
The castle’s recent upgrade added nearly 6,000 square feet, “smart-home” technology (a stark but welcomed change from Anne Boleyn’s castle days!), and 72 solar panels. In each of the upgraded rooms, you’ll enjoy plenty of modern comforts. In the kitchens (yes there are two), gone are the days of coal-fired stoves. Now, you have access to the finest appliances!

Likewise, there’s no need to read by candlelight in the castle’s library, but you can still enjoy the classics and invite your guests to discuss literature in the cozy parlor. Speaking of guests, the castle boasts 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and 2 laundry rooms, promising to keep weary-travelers comfortable in your castle-like accommodations. Additionally, your guests will delight in the home’s bar, game room, and theater.

Other perks? While your guests will sleep comfortably, you can live like a queen in the master suite, accessible by your own private glass elevator. And, the home also includes a water tower, a walled garden, a romantic gazebo and additional three-bedroom guest quarters.
Replica of Anne Boleyn's Castle

Ready to Buy Wisconsin’s Most Expensive Home?

One the market for $10.5 million, this Anne Boleyn inspired-castle is the most expensive home ever listed in southeast Wisconsin. And, according to real estate records, if the home sells at its asking price, it will also be the most expensive home ever to sell in the state of Wisconsin.

This is no less than a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy a home laden with historic quirks and tons of modern convenience, all in one of the state’s most stunning natural locations. Are you ready to live like a royal in this castle?

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