This Michigan Home Is a Triumph of Weirdness, and It Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamey MortonApril 19, 2018

The Weirdest Home in Detroit, Michigan, and Possibly the Entire Great Lakes Area

Imagine if Dame Edna and the ghost of Elvis Presley were designing the interior of a home for the late Liberace, while on a metric ton of hallucinogenic drugs. This “go big AND go home” house in the Detroit neighborhood of Highland Park is something like what they might have come up with.

Or imagine a set to a Scorsese mafia film, set in the nineteen-seventies. The character who owns the home has a bit of a fetish for statuary and has decorated each of their rooms around a decorative theme of sorts. Think of Ray Liotta’s character in Goodfellas, or better yet, James Woods’ character in Casino. Now imagine their home during the 70s; and now, let’s take a walk around the place.
liberace inspired home

Everything Must Go

Literally, everything in the house is included in the sale price of $550,000. Sure, you get three bedrooms and four baths. But, you also get a couple of cars—a “one of a kind” custom-built 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood Sedan, and a “one of a kind” custom-built 1974 Lincoln Mark IV Coupe, along with “countless automotive relics and artifacts.”

The home also comes with a custom pool table, and a Kohler Campbell baby-grand player piano. Seriously – a baby grand player piano. It comes with “mint condition” 1950s Frigidaire kitchen appliances and decorative security bars on the windows — seemingly to protect the home’s countless statues, or all the mirrors, or…who knows?
liberace inspired home

The Decorative Elements; The Ceilings

The home comes complete with furniture and decorations, including what appears to be a coffin-shaped object draped in black fabric in one heavily mirrored bedroom. Another heavily mirrored, statue-laden bedroom also has a coffin-shaped object draped in beige fabric. And the third bedroom, tastefully appointed in dark wood paneling, has been converted into a den.

This den may be the most subdued room in the entire house and has what can only be described as a “crocheted ceiling.” The home has mirrored ceilings in several rooms, including a strange little working nook in the attic. The dining area off the kitchen has what seems to be brightly colored cake frosting (most likely plaster) decorating the ceiling in a vines and flowers motif.
liberace inspired home

The Bathrooms, The Cabaret Set, and the Billiards Room

The home’s four bathrooms represent an essay in excess. The wallpaper, the tile, the shag carpeting (that’s right, shag carpeting), the statues, the figurines, the lion’s head towel holders, the perfume collections, the everything, added together – it’s enough to boggle the mind.

The basement is fully set up with tables, chairs, a full bar, a green linoleum floor, and a stage — complete with an Elvis cardboard cutout. It is decorated with Hollywood and rock music posters and memorabilia, fully ready for cabaret or casino nights. Just off of the cabaret set is a billiards room with a custom-built pool table (included), and countless shelves housing automobile memorabilia and models of vintage cars.
liberace inspired home

Leveling Up: The Home Game

This entire home feels like a video game level where a player went crazy with custom mods and just couldn’t stop themselves until every nook, every cranny, every surface was augmented in some way. It’s The Sims or Minecraft on a whole lot of drugs. But, there’s a buyer out there for everything.

At, we know there is someone out there for whom this house is a perfect turnkey fit. Someone has to appreciate all of this, or maybe you could just buy this Liberace-inspired memorabilia property in Michigan and turn it into a kitsch museum of some sort and begin a new chapter in your life.

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