10 Cities With the Most Rainfall

by Christelle HollomonMay 7, 2018

Although Seattle has coined the nickname “The Rainy City,” is it really the rainiest city in America? The quick answer — no. In fact, the top ten cities with the most rainfall are far from the west coast. These wet cities are all located in the Gulf States — Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. The humid subtropical climate in this region makes for plenty precipitation. Grab your umbrella and rain boots, these southern cities are the wettest in the nation!
Cities with the most rainfall: Mobile, Pensacola, New Orleans, West Palm Beach, Lafayette


Although only one city in Alabama made the top list, it came in at #1 with an average of 59 rainy days and 67 inches of rainfall. Mobile‘s geographic location on the Gulf of Mexico provides a mild subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and mild, rainy winters. But don’t let the precipitation rain on your parade, this wet city is considered to be one of the Gulf Coast’s cultural centers, rich in history, museums, and art galleries. With Alabama’s only saltwater port being located in Mobile, it drives the economic health of the city.


Louisiana claims almost half of the top 10 wettest cities, and with good reason. Similar to Alabama, Louisiana has long, hot, humid summers and short, mild winters. The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico fuels storms, leaving these southern cities to soak up all the precipitation that comes with it. Known for it’s cross-cultural and multilingual heritage, New Orleans leads as the wettest city in The Pelican State with an average of 59 rainy days and 64 inches of rainfall. Coming in second is Lafayette with 55 rainy days and 62 inches of rainfall, followed by the capital of the state, Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge is a major industrial, petrochemical, medical, and research hub for the South. Last but not least, is Lake Charles with 50 rainy days and 58 inches of rain per year.


Port Arthur is the lone contender in The Lone Star for the top 10 wettest cities. This wet city sees an average of 51 rainy days and 61 inches of rainfall per year. Not only is it rainy, but it is also humid. Port Arthur tied with Lake Charles, LA as the most humid city in the contiguous US. This southeastern city is also home to the largest oil refinery in the US and one of Texas’ leading seaports.


Similar to Louisiana, Florida also claims four of the top 10 wettest cities. Two of which are located on the Panhandle – Tallahassee and Pensacola. Their proximity to the Gulf of Mexico causes an abundance of rainy weather. Pensacola leads right behind Mobile as the wettest city with 56 rainy days and 65 inches of rainfall per year. On the eastern side of the state, West Palm Beach and Miami made the list, with West Palm Beach having 63 inches of rainfall per year and Miami having 62. The Gulf Stream shapes their tropical monsoon climate.

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