10 Reasons to Move to Indiana

by Mahogany WaldonMay 3, 2018

Indiana isn’t just home to some really good popcorn, it’s also home to the world-renowned Indy 500 motor race, historic universities, and even the birthplace of pop music icon Michael Jackson. With a reasonable cost of living in most cities across the state, Indiana could be the perfect place for you to call home as well.
A map of Indiana highlighting several cities and attractions including Indianapolis, Chesterton, Fort Wayne, West Baaden, University of Notre Dame, and Indiana University.


If you’re a Colts fan, and even if you aren’t, Indianapolis is a great city. Indy, the “Nap,” “Naptown,” or whatever you chose to call it, was once said to be the crossroad of America. The city, once considered part of the Corn Belt, is now a city rooted in tourism and sporting.

  • Indy 500
    Speaking of sporting, the Indy 500 is one of the most sought-after events in racing and sports alike. Hosted at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway by PennGrade Motor Oil, this event draws over 300,000 attendees annually and helps the city tremendously in revenue.
  • White River State Park
    Don’t worry, if you plan on moving to Indianapolis, you’ll have a lot of options for entertainment. The White River State Park is unlike any park in Indiana. This urban area acts as a venue for sporting events, concerts, nature extravaganzas, and more. The park is also home to the Indianapolis Zoo, the Indianapolis Indian’s Ballpark, and the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites. If you ever need something to do on a Friday night, White River has you covered!


If you can’t get enough of city life and a city’s urban culture, the Nickle Plate District in the town of Fisher’s specializes in all things Indy culture – and indie culture too, it’s pretty eclectic! You can find everything from festivals, shopping, restaurants, an amphitheater, and more in Fisher’s. The area also has a great school district and civic organizations that constantly give back to the local community.


If you thought that the Nickle Plate community was the only district worth celebrating in Indiana, think again. Carmel’s Art & Design District is another gem on the outskirts of Indianapolis. Nestled in Old Town Carmel, you can find all sorts of art here like abstract art galleries, showrooms, specialty crafts, and fine dining.


This historic town is a suburb of Indianapolis. Zionsville is home to over 400 acres of public park and also has a nature center. The school district, Zionsville Community School System, boasts of excellent schools and programs. The city is also focused on conservation, it was named by the Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree City USA community. If you’re looking for a quaint town with humble beginnings and impressive accolades, you should check out our listings in Zionsville.

Indiana University

IU Bloomington is the flagstaff of Indiana University’s eight campuses throughout the state. Founded in 1820, this historic university also has some notable alumni including John Mellencamp, Tavis Smiley, and Mark Cuban. As a public research university, IU is a hub for students of all backgrounds to take advantage of the school’s over 200 undergraduate majors. If you plan on living near Indianapolis, you’re going to love “Hoosier Nation!”

University of Notre Dame

This private Catholic university is located adjacent to South Bend, Indiana. Aside from undergraduate programs, the school also has special programs, graduate schools, and professional studies. Furthermore, the University of Notre Dame has high-performing sports teams. The “Fighting Irish” compete as Division I, primarily in the Atlantic Coast Conference for all sports.

West Baden

We’ve already mentioned that Indiana’s tourism is a booming industry and that’s what makes the French Lick Resort in West Baden, Indiana a great state treasure. From historic casinos to hotels and even a golf course, this resort is perfect for tourists and locals alike. If you’re interested, you can also find amazing venues for weddings, conferences, and more here. There’s also access to the vintage rail travel on the Spirit of Jasper, a luxury passenger train.

Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne, Indiana is considered the “City of Restaurants,” and it’s food industry expands beyond buildings. Fort Wayne is home to some of the best food trucks in the nation. From shaved ice to New York style pizza, Fort Wayne has you covered. The city hosts over a dozen food trucks spanning different tastes and cultures.


If you’re loving the eclectic vibes Indiana has to offer, brace yourself, the last stop on our list is an antique bookstore that was once the oldest in Chicago. Founded in the early 1880s in Chicago’s Hyde Park (not far from Chesterton,) the O’Gara & Wilson, Ltd. Antiquarian Bookstore has been a staple in Indiana since the 1990s. Today, the bookstore buys out of print, used scholarly books, novels, and quality paperbacks. This is a perfect little hideaway for book lovers looking for rare finds.

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