5 Paint Shades to Help You Freshen a Dull Space This Spring

by Alex ThatcherMay 18, 2018

Breathe Warm Spring Vibes Into Your Home With These Paint Colors

After a long gray winter, nothing says “spring awakening” quite like a fresh coat of paint. Give your home an instant rejuvenation with these bright, fresh colors that will transform your space. The colors on the walls of your home can have a huge impact on your mood, so go for warm colors that will boost your sense of being alive, instead of cold colors that will wash things in your home out too easily.

Be weary of ultra bright colors, as these might get old quickly. If you feel like really going for it with a bold pop of color, consider painting one wall as a statement wall and keeping the other walls in that room neutral colored.

Remember, lighter, softer tones often make us feel more at ease and more centered. Take advantage of the blossoming flowers outside by finding inspiration in nature for your spring home refresh. These five paint shades will help you freshen up your space just in time for spring.
spring painting

1) Turquoise

Giving your living room a burst of colorful energy will inspire you to do more than just lounge around in front of the television in the laziest room in the house. Start with one accent wall, as you don’t want the color to be overpowering or too dark.

While turquoise will coordinate well with spring flowers like hydrangeas and daffodils, it will also transition well into summer. With potential for cool, beachy themes, turquoise allows you to take a color risk without closing the door on future decorating ideas. Benjamin Moore’s Poolside Blue is the perfect shade to take you all the way into summer.

2) Yellow

Voted the official color of summer by the designers at Domino Magazine, yellow has the potential to brighten up your home all year long. Go for a lighter, pastel yellow for sunny neutral vibes, or try a deep marigold, perfect for pairing with navy and other summery shades of blue.

Yellow gives character to tired-looking kitchens, brightens up dark bathrooms, and looks delightful in children’s bedrooms. Glidden’s Golden Anniversary is the budget-friendly shade of yellow that brings spirit and vitality to any space. No matter where you decide to bring in a splash of yellow, it will surely illuminate any space with a sense of springtime.
spring painting

3) Mauve

Mauve is the perfect way to bring soft, floral tones to a room to coordinate with the springtime blooms that are popping up everywhere. Mauve is the perfect hue for people looking for a color that looks neutral but still brings fresh, spring energy to a space.

Sherwin William’s Chaise Mauve allows accent colors to stand out while still being warmer than plain white or gray. Decorate a mauve room with pops of green or darker purple. However you decide to accessorize your fresh mauve walls, make sure you bring in lots of fresh spring flowers to accentuate the delicate, floral essence of this neutral color.

4) Persimmon

The warm, peachy glow of persimmon orange will zap your space back to life after a long, dull winter. Pair it with a punchy wallpaper or silver accents to turn heads in a dining room or bathroom. Benjamin Moore’s Jupiter Glow shade is the perfect way to pack a punch while remaining elegant and pretty.

Behr’s Persimmon Red, while on the more reddish side of the spectrum, brings romantic charm to spaces that are wanting in character. Pair it with dark green accents, like springtime house plants, and your space will feel revitalized and ready for the change in seasons.

spring painting

5) Lilac

This year’s Pantone Color of the Year is Ultra Violet, so channel the drama and warmth of that deep purple with shades of purple that resonate with you. Lilac is a more neutral shade of violet that will coordinate with a wide variety of room accessories.

Pair this graceful hue with light-colored leathers and cherry woods to bring depth to your space while still maintaining the light and airy sensibility that lilac evokes. We love Sherwin William’s “Magical” for bedrooms and living spaces.

Your Spring Refresher Doesn’t Have to End With a Thorough Cleaning Session

After you’ve finished your spring cleaning, wash the winter blues out of your walls with one of these trendy spring wall colors. Painting the walls of your home will help you to feel like you are getting a fresh start as spring blossoms into summer.

Start with one room that really needs an update, and don’t worry if you don’t get around to painting all of your walls this season. Cleaning your walls and hanging a few new pictures or paintings also does a great job of waking up a room.

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