7 Flooring Trends to Try This Spring

by Alex ThatcherMay 23, 2018

Finding a New Floor Treatment for Your Home This Spring

If you’ve been looking at your floors like they need a facelift, then this is the article for you. Not all flooring is evergreen — fir flooring may be — but most types are not. So, if you’re looking to give your floors a makeover this spring, and are wondering what the latest trends in flooring might be, here are the top seven flooring trends to try this season.

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1 – Mixed-Width Wood Flooring

Uniformity of board width is what we’ve all grown up with—presuming we’ve all grown up in homes with traditional wood floors. But these days, the latest trend in wood flooring is random-width boards, put together to form a series of widths that is pleasing to the eye because of its lack of uniformity.

2 – Terrazzo

If you’re looking to upgrade some of your floors from linoleum or tile, terrazzo flooring might be the right material for you. This once-old and now trending again material is made of fragments of glass, marble, or other stone embedded in cement and then polished to a beautiful shine. If it’s good enough for Michelangelo to use for the floor of St. Peter’s Basilica, then it would probably look amazing in your kitchen or bath.

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3 – Distressed Wood Floors

Another old-is-new-again technique that’s trending this spring is putting the old planks reclaimed from building sites to use as polished-up distressed wood flooring. And if you don’t have the money for reclaimed wood flooring, consider getting new flooring and distressing it to look old yourself.

4 – Bamboo

Although bamboo flooring has been around for a couple of decades, this material is still trending and makes an interesting and (depending on how it’s manufactured) eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood flooring. There are multiple types of bamboo flooring available, so make sure to educate yourself before you go shopping.

5 – Wide Plank Flooring

Similar to distressed wood flooring (above), and something guests to your home will marvel over, wide-plank flooring, a mainstay of the colonial era, is making a comeback. It’s gorgeous, rustic yet refined, and warms up any room almost instantly.

flooring trends

6 – Cork

Speaking of warming up a room, cork flooring is trending right now and nothing makes a room cozier than a cork floor. That, and cork is a renewable resource so you can feel good about what you’re not doing to the environment.

7 – Parquet Is Back

Last but not least, parquet flooring is back. In fact, parquet floors are so hot right now, they’re on nearly every trending floor-trends list you can find on the Internet! And, with a little know-how, you can make your own pattern and lay down a hardwood parquet floor yourself — for a considerable amount of savings.

The Trends Beneath Our Feet for Spring

New floors are a challenge to put in and can be quite costly, but nothing so dramatically changes the look of your home. So, if you’ve decided that the old floors need to go, these seven flooring trends are a good place to start planning for your brand new floor.

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