This is a Pilot’s Million Dollar Dream Home, Airplane Cabin Included!

by Jamey MortonMay 3, 2018

Live First Class in This Million Dollar Pilot’s Dream Home

“This is your captain speaking, Alterstudio’s Scout Island Residence is on the market.”

Alterstudio, a nationally recognized architecture firm known for its compelling designs and meticulous attention to detail, created a modern marvel at 5312 N Scout Island Circle in Austin, Texas – and now it’s for sale.

Perfect for anyone with a love for turbulence, aviation runs through the home’s veins. For starters, the award-winning home features a media room that is an actual airplane cabin. The walls are culled from the body of a Boeing Qantas 767, as are the overhead bins, and the first-class leather seats were sourced from a Delta plane. These details, by the way, are just the beginning of what you’ll find in this aviation-themed home.

Curious? “I repeat, this is your captain speaking, keep your seatbelt fastened and read on to look inside this airplane-inspired home!”
home made from an airplane

Looking for Your Next Vacation Destination? Check Out This Aviation-Themed Home

Located in a close-knit community tucked away in nearby Austin’s northwest hills, this home has been sited on a coveted location just outside the city center. While you’ll still have access to neighboring major thoroughfares, the home is removed from the city’s hustle and bustle and located in a more secluded, natural area.

The home’s scenic neighborhood offers unique access to Lake Austin, a protected cove with boat docks, nature trails, and a waterfront park. Not to mention, you’re just a stone’s throw from the Austin Country Club, too.

Enough about location, though, because it’s the home we’re really excited about.
home made from an airplane
Thoughtfully designed by award-winning architects for both entertaining and everyday comfort, this home is defined by exemplary craftsmanship and exquisite details. Glass walls and a natural colored facade help the home blend into its natural environment.

Ultramodern in style, “the design splits the house into two bars, divided between public and private living spaces, around an internal courtyard of emerald zoysia, and connects them with a glass passageway.” In a phrase, this is anything but your average hillside home!

Step Aboard the Home and Take a Look Inside

If you’re already crushing on the home’s sleek appearance, just wait until you see all that the home has to offer inside. The home’s center courtyard is a welcoming, tranquil gathering place to relax with loved ones; it’s also a neutral space that divides private and social areas of the home.

On one side of the home’s courtyard, you’ll find living rooms and family rooms that invite guests to gather around over a drink as they enjoy stunning views of the yard’s canopy of the trees. Feel like you’re taking flight yet?
home made from an airplane

If you do, you can head into the media room next, and indulge in your “in-flight entertainment.” With walls, seats, and details from actual aircrafts, you might start to believe you’re actually in an airplane cabin! Once you’re comfortable, direct your gaze to the projector ahead and enjoy a flick on the 90-inch screen with the first class amenity of a THX sound system. A bonus? Each cabin “window” actually has a monitor behind it so you can do a pretend flyover of a city!

At the opposite end of the home, you’ll find that a different adventure awaits. Here, you’ll discover four tranquil bedrooms that boast tree-top views, minimalist style, and chic amenities. Picture your Eames lounge chair in the corner of a bedroom or your favorite mid-century modern pieces against the natural backdrop — it’s a visual feast for the designer-inclined!

home made from an airplane

Ready to Take Land in Austin, Texas for Good?

If you’re searching for your own private sanctuary, this home will make you feel like you’ve flown to your own secret island. Only you won’t be left foraging for food, and you’ll still be living well within Austin’s city limits. For $2.75 million, you can purchase this sleek aviation-themed home. But act fast; we don’t think this listing will last long.

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