The Breakdown of ‘America’s Dream Home’

by Christelle HollomonMay 31, 2018

Have you ever wondered what America’s “dream” home would consist of? What features would it have? How much would it cost? From childhood, many Americans envision their very own dream home specially tailored to meet their specific wants and needs. While each person has a unique taste in home decor and design, many Americans can agree that certain features should be present in their dream homes.

We surveyed 2,000 Americans to find out what the average person visualizes when conceptualizing their dream home. You’ll be surprised with what we found:

The American Dream

Dream features and amenities add up. The survey results revealed that the average American dream home would have a price tag of roughly $879,000. This cost is derived from the features that make American’s dream house just right – four bedrooms, three bedrooms, an open kitchen, and hardwood floors. In addition to these features, it would also include a two-door garage, beach-house decor, a backyard deck, walk-in closet, and plenty of storage. When asked the ideal proximity to the closest home, Americans wanted their neighbors to be ‘down the street’, giving the American dream home plenty of peace and quiet.

Living Lavish

One of the main differences between generations when it comes to the perfect dream house is size. Millennials crave a big house, between 4,000-5,000 square feet, while baby boomers would feel comfortable with a modest 1,500-2,000 square feet. Square footage isn’t the only thing millennials want more of. Features of a millennial’s dream home would include a library, a hidden room, a movie theater, a wine cellar, and a playroom. Talk about luxury living! On the other hand, baby boomers put more traditional features on their wish lists. It’s no surprise that the kitchen tops the list as a priority for those over 55. Other features on their wish lists include a walk-in closet, a fireplace, lots of storage, and lots of windows.

Generational Differences


Baby Boomers

Americans dream big when it comes to their perfect place to call home. In fact, the average square footage of a dream home is 2,756 square feet. Although they are big dreamers, a staggering 74% of those surveyed said that they are not currently living in their dream home and 40% believe that they will never live in their dream home. Despite that, 80% of Americans still think about what they would like to have in their dream home.

Expectation Vs Reality

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