Ready to Move the Whole Family to the Ranch? Circle R in CO Can Accommodate You!

by Jamey MortonMay 31, 2018

Beloved Family Compound, the Circle R Ranch, Is Up for Sale!

Tucked away in the pristine Woody Creek valley in central Colorado, you’ll find this truly secluded gem: the Circle R Ranch. With 244 acres of private and secluded ranch land, Circle R Ranch is the perfect setting to build the family compound you’ve always dreamed of, or the ideal place to establish a corporate retreat center.

As a property with seemingly limitless potential, the Circle R Ranch is just waiting to be developed by a visionary owner and investor. Could it be you? Read on to learn more about this unique woodland property.

ranch compound in colorado

Visit the Circle R Ranch in Central Colorado

Located within close proximity to the world-class, year-round resort of Aspen, Colorado, the secluded Circle R Ranch is surprisingly easy to reach for a visit. But once you’re there, civilization feels hundreds of miles away.

With nearly 250 acres of private land, the Ranch is perfect for horseback riding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, fishing, and more. Bordered by national forest land, this property is a haven ready to be developed so it can reach its full potential.

ranch compound in colorado

Discover the Rich Potential of Circle R Ranch

While the Circle R Ranch contains a total of 10 home-sites, 3 of which are undeveloped, the finished buildings on the property give you a pretty good idea about the Ranch’s potential.

As it stands, the Ranch includes 6 separate single-family homes that together amount to 22 bedrooms, 18 full baths and 5 half baths. The separate homes create an ideal set up for extended families, as each unit can have their own home, land, and space, while remaining close and connected to loved ones nearby.

The late owner certainly relished the layout, as each home is crafted with different finishes and styles. The main house, in particular, is a woodland marvel. Designed in a 17th century English style, the property is a whimsical cottage adorned by giant logs and branches — like something straight out of a Tolkien novel. Inside, the main home carries a warm and rustic feel, as custom wood and stone designs run throughout.

ranch compound in colorado

While the old world charm of the cabin rooms transports you to another era, the Ranch also comes with choice modern amenities. Rustic living here isn’t your average woodland retreat experience, rather, the property boasts exceptional infrastructure that has been integrated and chosen with foresight and adaptability to accommodate changes with future technological improvements.

An on-site fire suppression system, strategically located fire hydrants, and complete utilities make this property both comfortable and safe so you can enjoy living in nature with full peace of mind.

ranch compound in colorado

Start Your Own Family Compound Today

Convinced that this is the perfect property for you to start your family compound? There might be a hiccup. Unless you have deep pockets, the property comes with a steep asking price. Listed at $29.9 million, let’s hope all of your family members are on board to help make living at the Circle R Ranch a reality. Think you can swing it?

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