Earth to Home: Earthships Are the Future of Sustainable Housing

by Jamey MortonMay 2, 2018

Come Back Down to Earth With the Most Sustainable Housing Solution on the Market

You may have heard about the Earthship trend and pictured a little flying saucer inhabited by some tiny green men. In reality, Earthships are sustainable homes that make living off the grid an affordable reality for people all around the world.

Earthships are residential structures made out of 100% recycled materials; they use renewable energy together with smart design and innovative technology to heat, cool, and power themselves. Earthships are generally made of recycled materials like rubber tires, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles.

An article published by the Guardian highlights a First Nations woman named Francine Doxtater who is constructing an Earthship out of hundreds of donated tires. The home will run entirely on solar energy and water collected in a cistern, completely doing away with utility bills. Doxtater’s Earthship is just one example of sustainable homes that are popping up all around the country. With proper research and some creativity, one of these high tech, sustainable houses could be yours.

Check out these listings featuring Earthships in New Mexico, a leader in sustainable off-the-grid housing.

Sleek Sustainable Home in Taos, New Mexico

This sleek New Mexico Earthship is made of stucco and looks like a gorgeous southwestern retreat from the outside. With two large bedrooms, copper countertops, a greenhouse that runs throughout the home’s interior, and solar heating, this home is the perfect combination of stylish and sustainable.

The home was designed by Earthship-pioneer Mike Reynolds, and built by the Earthship Biotecture Team. It’s located in the Greater World Community in Taos, New Mexico, which features 340 acres of community space. At $380,000, this home is a steal — especially when you consider all of the money you’ll save on utilities each month!

Light and Airy Split Level Earthship in Taos, New Mexico

Also located in the eco-haven that is Taos, New Mexico, this sustainable Earthship is perfect for renting or AirBnb. Built into a hillside, the home stays naturally cool during New Mexico’s hot summer months. Lots of windows, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and an open floor plan make this split home comfortable and modern looking.

With solar panels and a wood-burning stove, you’ll enjoy living off-the-grid without any utility bills. Even better, this eco-friendly home is on the market for a shockingly low $229,000. With exquisite details and a low carbon footprint, this home is a luxury solution to sustainability.

Artsy and Earthy Ranch-Style Earthship in Taos, New Mexico

This quaint studio style Earthship offers all of the modern luxuries of an off-the-grid abode. The home features a 1,000 gallon buried cistern to catch and hold rainwater, a katadyn water filter, sustainable and secure Internet by Taosnet, and a battery-operated electrical system with relatively young batteries. You can cook delicious meals on the propane-powered stove, and a carport and solar panels adorn the exterior of the home.

For simple and affordable off-the-grid living, this home is the cream of the crop, and it’s on the market for only $179,000. Tile flooring with ornate mosaic wall tiles in the bathroom makes this beautiful desert home a worthwhile investment in a green future.

One Bedroom Earthship Home With Desert Mountain Views in Gallup, New Mexico

This unique desert Earthship home is made of rammed earth, which is a sustainable material sourced from gravel, sand, silt, and clay. The material is then “rammed” between framework materials. Rammed-earth homes have many practical benefits, including being highly moisture resistant and incredibly durable.

This rammed-earth home in Gallup, New Mexico features lots of airy windows, solar panel energy, battery-operated electricity, and a 1,200-gallon water storage tank. On the market for $139,900, this pretty desert home is a steal.

Earthships Benefit Everyone, Not Just Their Inhabitants

Earthships are generally completely off-the-grid, which means that they are self-reliant for water, electricity, heating, and in many cases, even food. Many Earthships have greenhouses built into the home that self-water with rainwater collected in cisterns.

Earthships may look like something built on another planet, but they are extremely affordable and make little to no negative impact on the environment. Whether you are looking for a low-maintenance studio Earthship or a luxurious yet sustainable family home, Earthships will nurture both you and the environment.

If you aren’t quite ready to live off-the-grid, you can always live right in plain view! Check out these homes for sale Plain View, Virginia.


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