Own a Serious Piece of History: Buy Robert E. Lee’s Childhood Home Today

by Sasha CarterMay 1, 2018

Now’s Your Chance to Purchase Robert E. Lee’s Childhood Home

The Confederacy has long since gone, but remnants of the unrecognized country are still peppered throughout the United States. One of the historical sites that reminds us that this contentious collection of 11 states did, in fact, exist in our country’s history is the childhood home of its former leader, Robert E. Lee.

Located in Alexandria, Virginia, Robert E. Lee’s childhood home is currently up for sale. If you’re committed to the cause of sharing a part of the country’s history, perhaps this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build an educational Civil War Museum in Lee’s home. Or, if you’re simply a history fiend who’s eager to live in one of the homes on the National Register of Historic Places, this structure, which also hosted some pretty famous dinner guests like George Washington, provides an opportunity that doesn’t get much better.

Ready to see how where the Confederate general lived during his early years? Take a tour of Robert E. Lee’s childhood home below.
Robert E Lee's Childhood home

A Glimpse of the Past

Outside of the stately brick home, you’ll find a sign planted by the Historic Landmarks Commission that reads, “Robert E. Lee left this home that he loved so well to enter West Point. After Appomattox, he returned and climbed the wall to see ‘if the snowballs were in bloom.'”

As we head into late Spring, now’s the perfect time to see Robert E. Lee’s childhood home just as he remembered it. From the driveway, you’ll admire clusters of snowball bushes that bloom brightly in front of the home’s brick exterior. The home itself, a traditional New England-style mansion, stands tall in its park-like setting.

Before you go inside to explore Lee’s boyhood mansion, make sure you admire the surrounding half-acre of lush and tranquil gardens.
Robert E Lee's Childhood home

Step Inside the Home Where America’s Confederate General Was Raised

With over 8,000 square feet of grand living space, there’s hardly a corner in this home that wasn’t once occupied by a historical figure. Thanks to a recent complete professional restoration, this historical home offers modern amenities in an antique and beautiful environment.

In the foyer, you can admire vestiges of the past like marble features, original oak detailing, and eye-catching wallpaper as you gaze in front of you towards the grand staircase. But before heading upstairs, be sure to visit the parlor. Here, it’s easy to imagine a young Robert E. Lee listening to stories by the fire in this opulent space. With crown molding, ostentatious carpets, and ornate fabric – this room has it all!
Robert E Lee's Childhood home

Marvel at This Historic Kitchen With Modern Upgrades

While the living room and formal dining room bear a strong resemblance to how the home might have looked in Lee’s early days, the kitchen and dining nook boasts of modern upgrades. Stainless steel appliances and off-white walls and cabinetry provide a refreshing reprieve from the home’s historical details.

Upstairs, you’ll continue to find historical living and lounge areas, as well as six bedrooms and bathrooms, with vintage wallpaper included. Even if you’re skeptical about the Victorian finishes, the sun-soaked rooms that feature views of the outdoor tree line are sure to win you over.
Robert E Lee's Childhood home

Purchase Your Own National Treasure

Listed at $8.5 million, the current owners demand a high price for the former home of Robert E. Lee. However, since the home is a registered Virginia Landmark, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, keep in mind that there are tax credits available to help you with the expense of owning the home.

Not to mention, this is the first time in half a century that this home is for sale, so you can imagine how much it’s going to be worth in another 50 years. Our advice: buy now.

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