Ready to Own This Architectural Masterwork, Designed by Toshiko Mori?

by Sasha CarterMay 8, 2018

This Toshiko Mori Home Defies Gravity

Well-known architect Toshiko Mori, whose designs convey her “concern with material innovation and conceptual clarity,” built a one-of-a-kind dream home in Philipstown, NY. Living in Mori’s work is often described as akin to residing in a modern art museum: it’s as if you’re inhabiting and interacting with a piece of modern sculpture that favors juxtaposition, drama, and simplicity all at once.

While Toshiko Mori’s work is featured throughout the world, this New York home is particularly intriguing in the way that the home defies the laws of gravity: sections of the home are actually cantilevered, giving the ultimate sense of living in a piece of floating modern sculpture.

Having a little trouble picturing a space like this outside of the MOMA? Read on for an inside look at Toshiko Mori’s New York home, which could be yours today.
Architectural Masterwork, Design by Toshiko Mori

Find Your Own Modern Art Paradise

Located within a stone’s throw from the Hudson River, this 21st century masterpiece home is an environmentalist’s paradise. Secluded from other nearby homes, the property fits seamlessly within its backdrop of Storm King Mountain and the Hudson River. The property itself is as lush as the neighboring landscape.

Quenelle & Rothschild, world-famous landscape architects best known for the park at the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River raised park in Chelsea, sculpted the entirety of this Mori estate — including a Sedum roof garden!
Architectural Masterwork, Design by Toshiko Mori

Discover What It’s Like to Live Inside of World-Renowned Art

Inspired by mid-century modern design and morphed into a 21st century masterpiece, this Toshiko Mori home is sleek and streamlined. Composed of predominantly glass walls, each room offers unparalleled views of the surrounding landscape. With over 3,000 square feet of living space, this home made of glass is truly innovative.

In one wing, you’ll face east to admire the Hudson Highlands as you cozy up to the living room’s fireplace. In an opposing wing, you’ll turn west to study the gentle coursing of the Hudson. In each wing, the directions force you to pause, much like you would in a museum full of modern art, to reconcile with Mori’s “concern with material innovation and conceptual clarity.”
Architectural Masterwork, Design by Toshiko Mori

But don’t worry; it doesn’t take high-level art history knowledge for you to appreciate the sleek midcentury-modern feel of this dream home. With three bedrooms and four bathrooms, there’s ample living space for you and your family, or you and all the pieces of your art collection. If you’re looking for streamlined, minimal space, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Other perks of living in this art-inspired home? Made with green construction practices and warmed by geothermal heat, this property is completely eco-conscious and sustainably made.
Architectural Masterwork, Design by Toshiko Mori

Ready to Purchase an Original Piece of Art?

Listed on the market for $4.95 Million, this home requires the purse strings of someone with a rare art collection. But taken as a rare opportunity to live in a work of architectural art designed by Toshiko Mori, chances like this one don’t come around everyday!

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