spring scents in your home

Seasonal Scents: How to Bring Mellow Spring Scents Into Your Home

Take advantage of spring blossoms and blooms by inviting some mellow, natural floral and herbal scents into your home for refreshing spring vibes.

Give Your Home a Breath of Fresh Air for Spring

As spring continues to thaw our winter blues away, the enticing natural fragrances that fill the air are one of the best parts of the newfound warm weather. As you work through your spring cleaning task list, remember to throw your windows open to let in the fresh warm breezes and smells of crocuses, hyacinths and new blooms in your area.

Beyond opening your windows, there are other steps you can take to bring spring scents into your home. As you invite fragrance in, remember not to go overboard with unnatural smells, as this can cause headaches. Be sure to check out our post on how to prepare your home for spring to get the most out of your spring home updates.

spring scents in your home

1) Flower Bouquet

A bouquet of freshly cut flowers will bring spring vibes into your home quite like nothing else can. Go for seasonal blooms like lilacs, hydrangeas, and lily of the valley for starters. You can also pick colored blossoms that coordinate with the color scheme of the room that you are dressing up.

Keep your flowers fresh and fragrant for as long as possible by changing the water frequently, putting them in the fridge overnight, and re-cutting the stems once every two or three days. For flowers that last even longer, go for potted plants with flowers instead.

2) Herbal Wreaths

Bring the fragrant beauty of a spring herb garden indoors with a low maintenance herb wreath that beautifies both interiors and exteriors. Weave soft-stem herbs like mint, oregano, and lemon balm among woodier stems like rosemary and lavender to create a full, fresh-smelling wreath for your home. You can also use bigger leaves like eucalyptus and bay laurel for an even fuller look.

Hang your herbal wreath in the bathroom, where the steam from showers will carry the scent through the rest of the house.

spring scents in your home

3) Floral Candles

The warmth of a floral candle does wonders for freshening up a home with warm, springtime scents. Go for lavender and rose, which both have aroma-therapeutic benefits. Be sure to choose a candle that uses a natural wax, like soy, beeswax, or rapeseed wax. This will keep the air clean as you burn your candle.

Because natural lavender essential oil candles burn slowly, reduce anxiety, and are a natural sleep aid, they are a perfect spring candle for the bedroom. Just be sure to blow it out before you nod off!

4) Linen Spray

Depending on your favorite scent, there are many types of linen sprays you can use to freshen up your sheets, pillowcases, and curtains. You can make your own linen spray by combining your favorite essential oils in a spray bottle with some water.

Adding a touch of witch hazel to your spray will help the oils combine with the water, and will actually help the scent linger in your space for even longer. Use a clear bottle and add fresh flowers to your mixture to make your linen spray look as good as it smells.

You can also purchase linen or room spray at many home goods stores, but be careful that the store-bought spray you choose doesn’t have added chemicals, preservatives, or other potentially harmful additives.

5) Dried Flower Sachets

Dried flower sachets are perfect for freshening up dresser drawers and other storage spaces that don’t get much air circulation. Use a mixture of your favorite dried flowers and herbs, like lavender and sage. Balsam needles also work well for a more woody, sweet scent.

You can buy little fabric sachets at a craft store, or make your own by sewing together two swatches, stuffing your favorite dried flowers and herbs in before you sew it closed completely. Dried flower sachets are the perfect way to keep your winter clothes smelling fresh when you store them away for the warmer months.

spring scents

6) Plant a Windowsill Herb Garden

Invite the spring weather indoors by planting seeds or buying seedlings for a tiny herb garden on a kitchen windowsill. As your garden grows, you’ll be able to use tiny fresh sprigs of mint, rosemary, cilantro, and other herbs to flavor your home-cooked meals.

Place your herbs in front of a south-facing window so that they are able to soak up plenty of spring sunlight. Water them regularly, and breathe deep to enjoy the aroma-therapeutic benefits of smelling fresh herbs every day.

Get the Most Out of Fresh Spring Scents

Spring is a time for rebirth and refreshment, so give your home a chance to breathe with some mellow, fresh scents that will have you feeling energized and recharged just in time for warmer weather. Think natural floral and herbal scents to give your home a pure aroma-therapeutic recharge.

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