Spring Cleaning Checklist

At last, spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming, temperatures are rising, and most importantly, people are suiting up for an annual deep cleaning. Though the words “spring cleaning” may seem daunting, there are many simple ways to make your cleaning run smoothly and effortlessly – and not immediately be forgotten a week later. From clearing clutter and old files to reorganizing your kitchen and having a functional living room, you can get the most out of your spring cleaning efforts with these tips and checklist!

spring cleaning tips

Clear the clutter: the easiest way to alleviate space woes is to calm the chaos.

  • Shred old files you no longer need.
  • Go through old clothes and get rid of what you don’t need.
  • Consider displaying items of sentimental value on your wall.
  • Create a wall gallery by framing family photos and old birthday cards or place photos inside of an album on a shelf.
  • Purchase storage containers that fit under your bed. This allows you to get rid of the clutter and create more living space. Use for seasonal decorations and clothing options.

Kitchen: gain control and peace of mind by utilizing these helpful suggestions to keep your kitchen orderly and clutter-free.

  • Create a “command center” with a shared whiteboard to keep family notes and reminders.
  • Reorganize your cupboards by grouping similar objects to maximize space.
  • Store spices and foods in labeled jars and clear storage containers to make it easy to know when it’s time to restock.
  • Use labels to categorize and stay organized. You can buy labels or print them on the Internet for free!
  • Use conventional objects to organize. For example, a magazine holder tipped on its side can hold aluminum cans, or an under-cabinet paper towel holder could be used to hang kitchen utensils.

Living Room: make your organization dream a reality with these recommendations.

  • When short on floor space, use your wall space! Consider using built-in bookshelves or hanging individual shelves to make the most of empty space.
  • Use multi-purpose furniture, like a storage bench or ottoman, to add style and storage.
  • Use baskets as a go-to solution for controlling clutter and disguising messes. Strategically place them on shelving units, end tables, or beneath coffee tables.
  • Use your living room furniture to create a clear traffic path for your visitors. If you lack space, consider swapping large and bulky furniture for smaller scale pieces.

For more on spring cleaning your home, check out this guide on how to de-clutter your home!

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