Designer Hacks: How to Recreate a ’60s Vibe in Your Modern Home

by Alex ThatcherJune 5, 2018

Pairing Vintage Accents With a Modern Attitude

Designers are taking inspiration from the 60s in a big way this season. If you haven’t already noticed the resurgence of cactus plants, art deco-style gold accents, and retro florals, you may begin to see them everywhere as the summer progresses. It’s time to channel a summer of love, 1960s style, with some mod accents in your modern home this year.

Keep it fresh and modern by using simple accents that won’t give your home too much of a vintage overhaul. Think Mad Men meets modern minimalism to make sure your space feels hip and stylish with vintage appeal. In this post, we’ll give you room-by-room tips to help you achieve that perfect balance between mid-century chic and modern elegance.

60s art decor


When giving your home a 60s twist, think about going for fun diner-style details without worrying about overhauling big appliances like the fridge, oven, and stove. Make a nod to mod by using bright colors for smaller kitchen accessories, like your tea kettle or mixer. Light-colored formica countertops can also bring a vintage flair to your kitchen.

Create a fun breakfast booth by installing vinyl diner booths around your kitchen table. A vintage diner clock hanging above your refrigerator or stove will also serve as a blast from the past while still remaining modern. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some flashy pop art, like an Andy Warhol print or a road sign.

Living Room

There are countless ways to bring retro vibes into your living room while maintaining a modern edge. Keep your decor clean and sparse so that you can let your living room furniture speak for itself. A vintage Eames chair paired with a mid century-style couch and a sleek Noguchi coffee table will add character to your space without making it feel cluttered and chaotic.

Geometric pillows or throw blankets will keep your space lively. Finish it off with a vintage Oriental or shag rug and your living room will feel modern and centered with the mid century lines and a fun retro twist.

60s art decor


A classic 60s-style bathroom incorporates large, rounded appliances. If you’re looking to update your toilet, bathtub, or sink, go for colors like dusty rose pink, olive green, or mustard yellow. A shaggy bath rug will immediately bring a retro flair to your space, regardless of whether you decide to invest in new appliances.

Use a honeycomb mirror and incorporate geometric shapes into your bathroom textiles like hand towels and shower curtains. Miniature florals paired alongside bold geometric patterns will give your bathroom funky 60s vibes. When it comes to lighting, keep it modern and minimal to avoid feeling outdated and cluttered.


For a 60s-style bedroom, try to stay away from heavy textiles and fixtures that will end up making the room feel bogged down and den-like. Instead, keep the walls light and neutral, opting for a mid century-style sideboard dresser and headboard. Hardwood floors will bring 60s wood paneled vibes to the space without making it feel outdated. A white duvet with a warm, southwest style throw blanket brings personality to a bedroom space.

Blending cool, modern elements with warm mid century accessories will keep your space modern and timely with a fun flair. Infuse your bedroom with earthy vibes by incorporating potted plants, like a cactus or a palm. Breathe life into bedroom bookshelves by combining 60s art books and knickknacks, like crystals and figurines. Pair them with family photos and meaningful items for a stylish system of shelves.

60s art decor

Achieve the Perfect Combination of Mid Century and Modern

Fill your home with mod statement pieces and 60s accents while maintaining modern design elements. Start with a clean, modern slate and introduce mid century vibes through quirky details and retro accessories. Keep your kitchen and bedroom fairly current with modern appliances and neutral colors, and turn to 60s vibes with fabrics, countertops, and small pieces of furniture.

Take advantage of bold and daring textiles that will add attitude and flair to your space without overpowering the clean lines of modern appliances. Warm earth tones like orange, red, and mustard yellow will automatically recall the 60s and they tend to go beautifully with the clean and cool elements of house plants and terrariums. The key to bringing a retro vibe to your home while also keeping it modern is to avoid cluttered decor, so don’t be afraid of trial and error.

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