Facts About HGTV’s Fixer Upper

Facts & Analysis About HGTV’s “Fixer Upper”

So, Are You Ready to See What Makes Up a Fixer Upper?

When we’re off the clock for the day, the Homes.com team can’t resist tuning into HGTV and one of our favorite shows happens to be Fixer Upper. Armed with sledgehammers, safety glasses, and shiplap, Chip and Joanna Gaines seek out houses that could use some serious TLC and flip them into beautiful, modern homes with a Fixer Upper twist for each episode’s featured family.

After watching a few episodes, we realized that there was one thing Joanna seemed to feature in almost every episode: shiplap. This rustic, exposed wood look made an appearance or was mentioned in what felt like every episode. So we got curious, other than shiplap, what are the most popular updates that Chip and Joanna include in their renovation projects? We decided to get some answers for ourselves. We watched every episode of Fixer Upper, took notes on various details of each episode, and compiled the data. Without further ado for your viewing pleasure, HGTV fans, here is our exclusive analysis of Fixer Upper!

Average All- In Budget oOf A Fixer Upper Client

The budget for Fixer Upper projects features breakdowns for both the purchase and the renovation of the home. The entire investment budget is called the all-in budget. The average all-in investment the featured couples are willing to make is just under $280,000. Season 4 featured the highest all-in client budgets with an average season all-in budget $60,000- above the overall show average at $340,091.

Average Purchase Price oOf aA Fixer Upper bBy Season

The average purchase price of the selected home hovers at around $173,221 for all five seasons. Season 4 has the highest average purchase price at $191,875, while season 3 was substantially lower at $147,733 – a $44,142 difference in price!

Average Renovation Budget oOf aA Fixer Upper client

Of course, with the basic nature of the show revolving around fixing up a fixer upper, the renovation budgets for these projects are quite substantial. The average budget for renovation and upgrades over the course of five seasons stands at $111,631. There was a huge discrepancy between the highest and lowest average renovation budgets with season 1 averaging at just $70,385 and season 4 at well over double that, averaging at $154,750.

Common Fixer Upper Trends

As we binge-watched the show, we noticed that certain trends popped up in most episodes. The first, of course, was the appearance of shiplap. Joanna used shiplap in almost 40% of the projects. Clint, a local contractor, built a custom table almost as often about 37% of the time. Around 50% of the time, an issue will arise that requires a phone call to the homeowners and it costs an average of $4,600 to resolve the problem.

About 66% of the time, the initial renovation and purchase prices come in under the all-in budget. In these cases, Joanna will propose three upgrade options, including an outdoor upgrade about 32% of the time. The client will most often choose the outdoor upgrade- about 35% of the time.

Of course, we’re always on the lookout for a glimpse of the adorable Gaines children. They help out with projects every so often and about 64% of the time, they’ll show up to visit their mom as she works on putting the finishing touches on a house. Often they bring a snack or treat to share with Joanna- about 40% of the time.

The Anatomy oOf The Most Commonly Selected Fixer Uppers

So, what is the breakdown of the most popular homes that selected on Fixer Upper? It’s a 2,627 square foot ranch style home in Waco, Texas. On average, it’s purchased for $173,220 and it’s the most expensive fixer upper option shown to the client. So if you see one of these in your neighborhood and feel like getting into the fixer upper game, let us know!

The Anatomy oOf aA Fixer Upper

And finally, after the magic happens and the big reveal is done, the home is completely transformed. Other than shiplap, the most common trends included in the design are a gray living room and marble countertops. Keep an eye out for where Joanna places a giant clock in the design and the number of French doors she adds throughout the home.

How Much Value iIs Added tTo Fixer Upper Homes

Chip and Joanna’s renovation projects almost always comes in on budget and add an average of $26,000 of instant equity to the client’s investment.

So now that we’ve shown you just how seriously we take our remodeling shows around here, you can set yourself up for the ultimate Fixer Upper experience. What are you waiting for? Head to Waco and see if you can find a broken down ranch home and have your own Demo Day!

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  1. I think you missed the fact that nearly every home had a “pot filler” added in the kitchen. The clock was the other one which you picked up on. Great show! Will be sorely missed. On the bright side, Clint’s new show, Wood Work, is a great replacement even though its on DIY!

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