The Never Ending Battle: How to Keep Your Home (Mostly) Pet Hair Free

by Alex ThatcherJune 1, 2018

Tackle the Pet Hair in Your Home So You Can Get Back to Cuddling Your Pet

Our four-legged friends bring us so much joy. Having a pet means never-ending cuddles and having a companion that will always be loyal, but it can be difficult and sometimes annoying to deal with the pet hair that inevitably comes along with pet ownership. With all of the other responsibilities that having a home and a pet requires, sometimes keeping up with the pet hair can fall on the back burner.

Occasionally, it can feel like there is pet hair on everything you own, even in places that your pet has never touched. Sofas, carpets, and clothing are fair game for pet hair, especially if your pet has longer hair. But have no fear — with some occasional maintenance and a few easy tips, you can tackle the pesky problem of pet hair at home in no time. Check out this list for easy, stress-free ways to manage pet hair in your home.

keep a home free of pet hair

Start With Your Pet

The first step in managing the pet hair in your home is to manage your pet. Try to make a routine of brushing and grooming your animal, as this will routinely purge dead hair follicles from your pet’s coat. Cats and dogs with longer hair may need more frequent grooming. Regular bathing will also help reduce the amount of hair that your pet sheds in the house. With healthy, moisturized skin, your pet will lose less hair in the first place.

You can also work with your pet to train them that certain areas of the house are off-limits. The best way to keep pet hair off the bed, for example, is to keep your pet from getting on the bed. The easiest way to keep a pet out of certain rooms is to prohibit them from entering in the first place, but it is possible to train them to change their behavior.

keep a home free of pet hair

Fight Pet Hair by Keeping Up With Laundry

Pet hair build-up on sheets, pillowcases, towels, and throw rugs can be difficult to deal with after long periods. Try to get in the routine of washing your sheets and pillow cases regularly — once a week is ideal — to keep up with pet hair before it sets into the fabric. Scented dryer sheets will help to reduce any pet odors that stick to the fabric.

For larger pieces of furniture like couches and chairs, you can use removable slip-covers that can be washed regularly. For an easy fix, cover your couch with a sheet and wash it regularly. When guests visit, just remove the sheet to reveal the pristine furniture underneath. Leather sofas are also a great way to keep pet hair from sticking to the fabric of your lounge furniture.

Consider Your Flooring Options

Dog and cat hair can easily get stuck in the fibers of your carpets and rugs. Wall-to-wall carpeting can be a bit more difficult to throw in the laundry than an area rug, so it’s important to get creative in order to keep your carpets clean. You can start by vacuuming regularly — like every other day — to really keep the pet hair out.

If you have the resources and want to make some big changes in order to get rid of pet hair, consider switching to hardwood or tile floors. Cleaning hardwood floors with a dust mop or swiffer product will pick up most hair and other particles on the floor. There are some brooms and mops on the market made especially for picking up pet hair. The FURemover, for example, has natural rubber bristles that make it super easy to sweep up hair on wood and tile floors.

keep a home free of pet hair

Get Creative With Pet Hair Removal

No matter how hard you try to get pet hair out of your home, there will always be some traces of your beloved four-legged friend’s locks. To minimize the amount of hair that sticks on furniture, clothes, and other surfaces, you may need to get creative.

Keep a few lint rollers in the house so that you can always give furniture and clothing a last minute de-hairing. Apartment Therapy recommends using a damp rubber glove to remove hair from the surface of fabric upholstery.

Keeping up with the dusting in your home will automatically reduce the amount of pet hair and pet-related allergens in your home. Vacuuming your carpet in a different direction every time will help pick up dust and pet hair that was matted deeply into the carpet. Handheld vacuums are great for getting into hard-to-reach spots, like between couch cushions.

De-Hair Even the Most Difficult Spots in Your Home

Tackle even the toughest pet hair problems so that you can get back to snuggling and playing with your furry companion. Removing pet hair from your home will help reduce allergies while also making your home look neater and more put together. Do you have special hacks from removing dog or cat hair from your home? Tells us in the comments below.

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