Love Chanel? Now You Can Own the FL Home That Was Designed to Look Just Like a Chanel Showroom

by Jamey MortonJune 21, 2018

Live in Luxury in This Florida Home That Was Modeled After a Chanel Showroom

If you love Chanel, then you’ll love this home, period. Designed with all the style and panache of a French Chanel showroom, this Florida home is a mirror image of the high-end designer label’s sale spaces. Already have the perfume and the handbag, but now you’re looking for a home to match? You’re in luck.

florida chanel home

Discover High-End Living at the Sundara Estate

Located at 9200 Rockybrook Way in Delray Beach Florida, a $20 million mansion rests, just waiting for you to waltz through the front doors in the latest Chanel fashion line. The home occupies a coveted piece of Palm Beach County real estate, as this Chanel-Inspired home lies behind the private gates of Stone Creek Ranch — one of the most exclusive and desirable communities in the area.

Known as the Sundara Estate, this Stone Creek Ranch mansion stands tall amongst its neighboring million dollar Florida homes. The 26,654 square foot home is situated on 2.6 acres of land, and the property includes private waterfront access.

But before you step inside to begin modeling your haute couture, admire the home’s stately exterior. Fashioned from stone and marble, the Sundara Estate is a contemporary masterpiece that pays homage to mansions of centuries’ prior. Built from the finest materials, this Chanel inspired home offers world-class design and lifestyle of unrivaled amenities, privacy and security.

florida chanel home

Step Inside and Let Glamour Rule in This Chanel-Inspired Estate

As you enter the Sundara Estate’s dramatic two-story grand foyer, let the sprawling 30 foot floor-to-ceiling wall of windows ahead usher you towards the Chanel showroom of your dreams.

At each turn throughout the home, the shimmering natural light radiating from the expansive windows offers ample opportunity for your Chanel diamond accessories to shine bright. In fact, every room functions as a space for you to dazzle guests with opulence and high fashion.

For instance, in the lobby, let the white marble floors and the sleek black and white staircase serve as the high-fashion backdrop for you to greet guests with your statement Chanel outfit. Likewise, the chandelier-lit wine cellar could easily transform into a place to guard your precious Chanel gems. And in the gourmet kitchen, it’s hard to tell whether the glass cabinetry should hold handbags or fine china.

florida chanel home

The Perfect Space for Entertaining, Too

While the home is the perfect model for a haute couture showroom, it’s also a divine entertainment space. With 7 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a 2-story great room, multiple dining room options, and a gourmet kitchen, there’s plenty of space to host and entertain all of your notable friends and guests. Not to mention, this home makes hosting easy with a separate catering kitchen and in-house lounge with a wet bar, and a state of the art home theater system.

And since it’s Delray Beach, the home wouldn’t be complete without a glamorous outdoor entertainment space, too. Outside, you can enjoy the home’s sprawling uncovered patios, a porte-cochere, a life-size chess set, multiple relaxation cabanas, and a luxury swimming pool that comes with its own spa and grotto.

florida chanel home

If you have enough money to own your own Chanel showroom, then what’s another $20 million for a Chanel-inspired home? It’s a lofty price to pay, but the Sudara Estate is worth every penny.

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