Startups and Home Tech: 4 Digital Tools Homeowners Need to Know About

by Ben SanfordJune 25, 2018

Go Digital by Giving Your Home a High-Tech Makeover

It’s the 21st century and though we may not be living in the utopia envisioned by the sci-fi writers of the past, we do have some time-saving gadgets around the house that 1950s viewers of The Jetsons might actually recognize. If you have an Amazon Echo or a Roomba, then you’ve already embraced the Smart Home concept.

But, there’s much more available in terms of digital tools for your home – devices that go well beyond a speaker you can talk to and a robot vacuum. Here’s a quick look at four tech startups that are bringing the future home to you, and how you can use their digital tools to give your home a tech makeover.

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1. Smart Sprinkler Control by Rachio

Home tech startup Rachio provides homeowners with “solutions for worry-free watering.” Their brand new, third-generation Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller can help you handle one of the most challenging aspects of keeping your landscaping looking good—remembering to water your plants. But Rachio’s smart sprinkler control goes beyond your grandpa’s sprinkler timer.

The Rachio three has a built-in weather sensor, so it only triggers the sprinklers when your landscaping needs them. Plus, if you combine their sprinkler controller with their wireless flow meter, the system will detect leaks and maximize watering efficiency based on weather monitoring sensors. And the whole thing is controlled by a smartphone app. So, if you want to take control of the system from afar, you can.

2. The Video Doorbell by Nest

Yes, you could set up an old-school video camera and monitor and control it from your computer like a (perhaps reasonably) paranoid person. But, with the Nest Hello video doorbell, you can do so much more. The Nest Hello is easy to install—it mounts directly where your old doorbell does, uses the same power wires, and in most cases will connect to your existing door chimes.

It has a built-in video camera and connects wirelessly to your phone or computer network so you can see who’s at the door even if you’re halfway around the world—thanks to 24/7 streaming video and notifications on your phone. It records up to thirty days worth of video, has a 160-degree field of vision, and can even record in the dark.

3. The Smart Lock by August

Customizable keyless entry to your home is now a possibility thanks to the Smart Lock by August. It installs where your deadbolt used to be and is operated by syncing with whoever’s smartphone is closest to it (provided they have the app and you’ve granted them access to your home).

You can customize the level of access certain people have and at which times and on which days. And you can track who’s used the app to gain access to your home. No more worrying about lost or copied keys and no more arguing about when someone actually got home.

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4. Smart Vents for Your HVAC System by Keen Home

Lastly, here’s a truly revolutionary breakthrough that lets you climate-control your home the way that a luxury car allows you to climate control for each seat. Smart Vents by Keen Home slip over your existing ductwork and allow you to control the climate in each room. You can make sure that your nursery is at exactly the right temperature, keep your system from heating or cooling rooms that aren’t currently occupied, and control your HVAC system from afar using their smartphone app.
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Smart Home Makeovers

Getting a little deeper into the 21st century by giving your home a high-tech makeover is as easy as picking out a few smart home startups to support. Whether you’re looking for more sustainable fine-tuning for your watering or heat and AC systems, or better security for your home and family, there’s a tech solution that’s right for you.

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