The Most Walkable Cities

by Mahogany WaldonJune 18, 2018

Summer and fitness go hand in hand. Walking is one of the simplest exercises you can do to improve your cholesterol, prevent and manage high blood pressure and diabetes, and maintain a healthy weight. We all walk, whether it’s to the car or while getting groceries, but do you get in enough steps? The International Journal of Obesity suggests that you should take 15,000 steps a day, that’s 5,000 more than what was suggested in 2000. With that being said, has compiled a list of the most walkable cities in the country. These places have some of the best walk scores as well as parks, walk routes, and other amenities to help make getting your 15,000 steps per day a lot easier.

A map highlighting the most walkable cities (Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Jersey City, Arlington, VA, and Long Beach, CA) with a green background and animated people walking.

Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey City residents surely get in enough steps daily. Part of the New York City Metropolitan Area, Jersey City has a walk score of 87. Furthermore, it has some of the most popular neighborhoods on the East Coast. The city has also transformed into a pretty healthy one as well with many landscaped parks in various communities that were one rail yards. The Jersey City Department of Recreation is committed to making sure residents stay active with different platforms for stress relief, recreational activities and more.

Long Beach, California

Long Beach is the most walkable city in Southern California. The “LBC” has a walk score of 70. The city also has 170 parks, perfect for those looking to increase the number of steps they get daily. There’s also historic sites, golf centers, and more to take advantage of in this Pacific region.

Arlington, Virginia

Arlington has lots of trails and parks throughout this historic town. There are over 156 parks that the whole family can enjoy. According to the Trust for Public Land, Arlington has one of the best public park systems in the country. Arlington’s Department of Recreation sponsors year-round events for families, teens, and seniors.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Another city on the Trust for Public Land Parkscore Index is Minneapolis, making the list for the sixth year in a row! It’s good to know that 97 percent of residents in this “Twin City” live within a 10-minute walk from a park. Also, 15 percent of city area is designated to parks in Minneapolis. If that isn’t enough there’s 92 percent of streets have sidewalks on both sides. Get your walk on, “Mill City!”

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee has over 140 parks and its parks, parkways, and bike trails total nearly 15,000 acres throughout the city. Not only does the this Wisconsin town have great recreation areas, it also has a great riverfront for leisure and enjoying the bay. If you’re looking to increase your daily steps, Milwaukee is a great place to do it!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Called the “City of Bridges,” Pittsburgh’s Citiparks system includes dog parks, golf courses, park shelters, and more. If you love the great outdoors, Pittsburgh also has great biking and walking paths.

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