When You’re Ready for Your Own Zip Code, This Virginia Town Is For Sale

by Jamey MortonJune 14, 2018

Ready to Live Off the Grid? Here’s a Zip Code You Can Own

Maybe you recently watched Wild Wild Country on Netflix, and you’re inspired to start your own commune or township. Or maybe you’ve watched one too many episodes of Westworld, and you’re eager to live in a vintage row of historic buildings and fantasize about life in another era. In either situation, we’re not suggesting that you go to the extreme of starting a monochromatic cult or using robots to start an immersive experience, but we will admit there is a certain appeal to owning a town — and the creative liberty that comes with it.

If you’re on board, now’s the time to check out Markham, Virginia. Located just off of Route 66, this Virginia town is entirely for sale – yep, you read that right! The whole town is available for purchase. If you have $3.5 million, and you’re ready to invest in the future of an old railroad town, you’re going to love this listing. Let’s dig in.

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Lean in to Markham’s Surrounding Landscape and History

Surrounded by some of Virginia’s finest vineyards and horse country, the historic district of the Village of Markham is full of untapped potential. As a boutique resort town, you’d have lots of nearby sites of interest for wine-enthusiasts and equestrian lovers. Or, as a historic destination, visitors could pay to tour historic dwellings that harken back to the Civil War era and the Manassas Gap Railroad.

Or, if you’re simply ready to live off the grid and far away from society, Markham offers you the opportunity to live a zip code apart from all neighboring townships. Yes, you could reinvigorate the old post office and country store to bring the area back to life, but if enjoying a remote, wooded area in solitude is more your style, there’s nothing to stop you from making Markham your own private Virginia retreat.

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Make Your Million Off a Reinvigorated Historic District

On the off chance you aren’t looking to get off the grid and get away from it all, the assemblage of historic buildings in Markham offers a wealth of potential for someone who is ready to invest the time and energy in bringing this town back to life.

An old railway house is well outfitted to serve as your home base while you invest time in doctoring up the other local buildings. With a double-level front porch, it’s the perfect place to survey the progress as you bring the collection of buildings — a post office, a warehouse, and two old time hotels — back to life.

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Take the Next Step Towards Home/Town Ownership

Whether you’re itching to create a living history museum that honors the centuries-long history of Markham, or you’re ready to tap into the town’s lucrative destination potential, now’s the time to learn more about this property.

Listed at $3.5 million, this is a steal of a deal to buy 4 historic properties in the stunning town of Markham. The town is ready for a visionary to step up and invest in the town’s ghost buildings, could it be you?

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