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Think Outside the Box With These Wood-Inspired Father’s Day Gifts

Make this Father’s Day as unique as dad with these wood-inspired gifts that will bring the outdoors inside and connect dad back to his earthy roots.

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Keep This Father’s Day Down to Earth With Wood-Inspired Gifts

Father’s day is the perfect time to show dad how well you know him and how much you appreciate him. The father figure in your life has given you countless gifts—from wise guidance throughout the years to little lessons like how to fix a flat bike tire or how to change your car’s oil. Now is the perfect time to give back and say thank you for all those years of amazing guidance.

Give up boring father’s day gifts like ties and beer—he probably already buys those things for himself! Instead, opt for a totally unique gift that he never even knew he needed. This year for Father’s Day, we’re taking it back to nature with wood-themed and wood-inspired gift ideas that are both wholesome and functional. Wooden gifts will last long, look great, and dad will totally appreciate the earthy vibes, whether he’s a country boy or a city slicker at heart.

fathers day gifts

1) Wooden Picture Frame

For a heartfelt gift that will get dad thinking about some of the best times you’ve shared together, a wooden picture frame is the perfect gift idea. You can decide to keep it simple with a dark wood frame or make it spiffy with a personalized engraved message.

Picture frames are a great gift to team up with the whole family. Choose a family photo and pair it with a homemade card signed by the whole family. A wooden picture frame with a meaningful photo says a thousand words and won’t break the bank.

2) Camping Gear

Give your dad a woodsy gift the old-fashioned way by getting him out into the woods for Father’s Day. Camping gear is perfect for outdoorsy dads who would always be on the trail, in the boat, or on their bike.

For big gifts, a new fishing rod or a Yeti cooler is perfect. For smaller gifts for the mountain man in your life, a new leatherman pocket knife or a hiking stick will let him hit the trails in style.

3) Wooden Toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes are becoming more and more popular due to their low environmental impact as a disposable item. Bamboo toothbrushes are generally grown and harvested sustainably. They’re also a great way to give dad a gift while also giving a gift to the environment.

Pair the wooden toothbrush with a tube of Marvis toothpaste, some old-fashioned shaving accessories, and a new leather Dopp kit for the perfect gift for any dad who appreciates the finer things and likes to stay groomed.

4) A Good Old Fashioned Axe

For dads who are really looking to tap into their inner lumberjack, an axe is a great gift that keeps on giving. Best Made carries a line of luxury camp axes and work axes for dads who are looking to get hands-on with the trees in their life.

Gift your axe with a card that talks about future projects of backyard fire pits and s’mores so that dad can really picture himself chopping wood for family activities. If you want to gift an axe but aren’t quite ready to take on the project of a DIY fire pit, you can always invest in an above-ground outdoor fireplace that will keep the fun cooking without the hassle.

5) Wooden Grill Accessories


Does dad love grilling and all of the accessories that help him explore his grill in new ways? If you answered yes, then he’ll probably love some wooden grill accessories like a maplewood cutting board or this olive wood utensil and accessories tray from Williams Sonoma. After all, what’s Father’s Day without a few classic grill accessories?

A smoker box is another great wood-inspired gift that will allow dad to infuse his meats with the essence of hickory, maple, and pretty much any other type of wood he desires. For more unique and fun grill ideas, check out our post on wild ways to use your grill this summer.

fathers day gifts

6) Wooden Cocktail Accessories

Give dad the accessories he needs to become the cocktail master at all of your summer cookouts with wooden cocktail accessories. Wooden cocktail stirrers and muddlers are a great way to infuse summer cocktails with a natural element.

Many people prefer wooden cocktail muddlers because of their long-lasting sustainability and for their woodsy appearance. If you’re giving dad a wood-themed Father’s Day, a wooden muddler like this one from Fletcher’s Mill is an absolute essential.

fathers day gifts

7) Campfire Scented Candles

Bring the great outdoors inside with a woodsy campfire scented candle, like this one from Diptyque. Wood scented candles feel nostalgic and fresh all at once and are a great accessory for bedside tables, desks, and by the bathroom sink.

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