Come Home to Shark Week: 8 Ways to Celebrate!

Whether you’re able to take a vacation to dive into your obsession, or you just want to celebrate at home, we have a few ways you can get in on the Shark Week action!

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been sitting in your living room counting down to Discovery Channel’s Shark Week since last year’s ended. Between the riveting cinema about shark attacks and light-hearted fun facts about these majestic creatures, this week is full of entertainment (and education). So whether you’re able to take a vacation to dive into your obsession, or you just want to celebrate at home, we have a few ways you can get in on the Shark Week action!

  1. Swim with the Fishes

    According to HowStuffWorks, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, is the #1 most dangerous place for shark attacks! Since 1882, there have been over 250 recorded shark attacks, but luckily, none of them were fatal. What is even crazier is that there are more incidents per square mile in New Smyrna Beach than anywhere else in the world. Chances are, if you’ve swum at New Smyrna Beach, you’ve been within three feet of a hungry shark looking for a snack. Luckily for you, if living on the wild side of life is your calling, Smyrna Beach, also known as “Florida’s Secret Pearl,” boasts luxurious oceanfront housing at affordable prices.

  2. Study Shark Attacks by the Numbers

    If staying up late at night doing math is your thing, take a look at the complete Shark Attack Database. It’s filled with statistics regarding the frequency of shark sightings and how often fatal attacks occur. So cozy up on the couch, open your laptop and go crazy, but beware; it’s not for the faint of heart! There could be an attack in your own backyard. (Well, only if you live in a coastal area of course.)

  3. Hop on a Cruise

    If you’re landlocked and want to experience Shark Week from the sea, you’re in luck. Princess Cruises offers home-away-from-home cruise packages just for Shark Week aficionados. These seven-day adventures depart from Fort Lauderdale and sail to paradises like St. Thomas and St. Martin where you can snorkel, jet ski, or catamaran in the ocean and hope (or not) to encounter some tropical sea life for yourself. Anchors aweigh!

  1. Say “Aloha” to Some Sharks

    Hawai’i comes in at number two on our list of places with the highest amount of shark attacks. Claiming 159 attacks since 1828, there is no specific season for shark attacks since their climate stays relatively steady year-round. So if you’re looking for a shark encounter or somewhere to lay down roots, we may have found your dream home. You can even see the ocean (and maybe sharks) from your back porch!

  2. Buy a Home on Shark Drive

    Every week can be Shark Week when you live on Shark Drive. (Say that five times fast!) This home at number 4604 features a beautiful backyard on the water in a highly desired community; bring your boat, jet ski, and any other water toys to this stunning property! Did we mention it’s move-in ready and that the Gulf of Mexico is just a short boat ride away? You can practically make your own version of Jaws!

via Travel and Leisure

  1. Speaking of Jaws

    Dun nun, dun nun, dun nun, dun nun, ahhhh! Get into the spirit of Shark Week with special interactive showings of the cinema classic Jaws. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, in places like Corpus Christi and Northern Virginia, host showings of the film. Filled with surprises, props, and more, movie-goers are in a real treat! For the truly brave of heart, the Alamo Drafthouse, based out of Austin, Texas, even hosts a special showing of Jaws… in the water. Yes! A $30 purchase includes your ticket and an inner tube for a waterside seat. We have a feeling no one can make it through the entire showing without jumping out at some point! (P.S. You can recreate this concept in your own home with our DIY Backyard Film Screenings tips.)

  2. How About a Nice Fish Tank?

    If all the talk of sharks is unsettling to you, how about a house with an amazing fish tank? This LA home for sale on Swallow Drive is incredibly sleek, making anyone, aquatic lover or not, a happy homeowner indeed.

  3. It’s not Shark Week without Snacks

    What’s a good marathon of Shark Week programming without epic snacks? In honor of the 30th anniversary, Discovery Network teamed up with famed candy-maker Swedish Fish to release a new mini, tropical-flavored candy that you can sink your teeth into! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)

Want more? Check out these homes in the neighborhood of Shark Key in Key West, Florida. Shark Week kicks off Sunday, July 22 so be sure to also follow the fun on’s social networks as we post some more ways you can enjoy this FIN-tastic week!

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