Got a Few Million Dollars? Love the Violin? This NY Mansion Has the Pool of Your Dreams

by Jamey MortonJuly 12, 2018

A Music-Lover’s Paradise: This NY Mansion Has Your Dream Pool

When you’re a big shot for a top-tier financial company, what can’t money buy? And when you run in a circle of wealthy elites, it takes new ways to continually impress your friends. For Jay Dweck, the former Goldman Sachs head of equities strategies, a million-dollar pool was just the thing he needed to dazzle his friends.

Dweck poured a million dollars into creating the world’s first violin-shaped swimming pool and spa. Over the top? Maybe. But the pool has received accolades from the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, where Dweck’s violin-shaped masterpiece received a prestigious gold award from the organization.

If you have a few million dollars laying around, and you’re an orchestra fan, you’re in luck: Dweck’s New York mansion, violin pool included, is on the market!

mansion with violin pool

Tune In to the Possibility of Living in Bedford New York

Located at 55 Pennwood in Bedford, NY, Jaw Dweck’s one-of-a-kind mansion could be a great place to cool off this summer. An idyllic retreat, the sprawling mansion rests on loads of private acreage. The stone mansion is surrounding by lush greenery, manicured gardens, fountains, and plants galore. As a vision straight out of a New England fine-living magazine, this home is truly magnificent.

While the view from the front of the home is impressive, we suggest arriving to tour the property by helicopter so that you can get an aerial view first. From up above, you’ll marvel at the seemingly endless property, the custom sports court, and, of course, the 90-foot violin-shaped swimming pool and spa. If you arrive at dusk, you’ll notice the violin pool beginning to glow, as custom fiber-optic and LED lighting illuminate the water after dark.

mansion with violin pool

In case you can’t find a helicopter pilot on short notice to fly you to this home, check out the violin pool up close. From ground level, you’ll notice the 13,000 square-foot pool is constructed with 500,000 shimmering, translucent glass tiles. Another cool feature? This pool is also equipped with an underwater surround sound system. And if it’s not satisfying enough to enjoy your morning laps with the sound of Beethoven in your ears, the pool also has a river flow system in the pool, which creates a current swift enough for kayaking!

Moving Beyond the Violin Pool…

While the singular violin pool is the home’s biggest indicator of true wealth, the home itself also displays plenty of status. After all, the house alone features 6 bedrooms and 11 baths, and measures up at over 10,000 square feet.

mansion with violin pool

At every turn, the home shows understated elegance: in the foyer, marvel at the way the stairway spirals upwards to the second floor, showing the home’s impressive height. The kitchen is any chef’s dream, with built-in cabinets, a state-of-the-art double oven, multiple sinks, an island, and abounding natural light.

From the formal living room, the home transitions seamlessly to an outdoor stone terrace where you’ll find Koi ponds, an additional outdoor kitchen, a gas fire pit, and ample space for entertaining.

mansion with violin pool

Back inside, the home boasts enough bedrooms, studies, and lounge areas for everyone in the family to feel like they have their own private homes within the home. Sound like your dream come true? This home could be yours at the tune of $6,895,000.

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