If You Love Trains, This Renovated NY Estate Could Be Your Dream Home

by Jamey MortonJuly 18, 2018

All Aboard! This Renovated NY Train Station Is Waiting…

If you’re a train enthusiast, this home is going to be your dream come true. Originally built in 1889 as a train station in Mamakating, New York, this home carries stories of passengers who lived hundreds of years ago. After the train station fell into disrepair in 1957, the Mamakating terminal waited for decades to be brought back to life by the current owners – which is where we come into the picture.

After a lot of much needed TLC, the owners transformed the train station into a habitable property, while still retaining some of the railroad charm. The once-derelict depot now serves as a dazzling home that pairs modern amenities with 19th-century train station charm. Curious? Read on to learn more about one of New York’s most original homes.

renovated ny train home

Discover What It’s Like to Live in a 19th Century Train Depot

Resting on one of New York’s secluded county roads, you’ll find this stunning train depot home. Built of concrete, the ocher walls show the home’s resilient framework and remarkable craftsmanship.

As you walk around the home’s exterior, you’ll admire the Ludowici Spanish Clay tile roof that gives the home a rustic, villa-like feel. Vines that curl around the home’s glass windows and custom oak entry door only add to the home’s romantic, countryside allure.

Before you step inside to marvel at the remarkable repair work, note the tasteful details that pay homage to the home’s history: the arched doors still retain the Ontario & Western logo, and the walkways feature salvaged railroad ties and spikes. And rumor has it that if you search hard enough, somewhere on the property, you’ll find the original railroad tunnel that was created in 1868.

renovated ny train home

Step Inside This Inventive Train Station Home

The home’s interior is nothing short of stunning. Each detail, from the hand-welded ironwork to the quarter-sawn oak floors, from the oversized moldings to the paneled wainscoting, makes this home a work of art.

In the central living room, it’s easy to imagine bodies shuffling around the open space to reach the train platform. But today, this room is the perfect place to unwind from a busy day as you enjoy a book next to the American Clay-finished fireplace. It’s also the perfect place to sip on a cocktail as you admire the resplendent block print wall treatments that adorn the space.

renovated ny train home

Moving through the home, you’ll find that each room boasts meticulous attention to detail. In the kitchen, you’ll be able to admire unique, embossed tile work, as well as solid oak paneling and stained glass window art. With tile backsplashes, marble details, and custom ironwork at every turn, this home continues to delight its visitors.

In each of the home’s five bedrooms, you’ll find delightful details including vaulted ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, more William Morris hand-applied block print wall treatments, and stain glass fixtures. Ready to move in? Us, too!

renovated ny train home

Live in One of New York’s Most Original Homes

Here at Homes.com, it takes a pretty special place to wow us — but this renovated New York train station renders us speechless. And the price has us pretty speechless, too. Listed at $895,000, this five-bedroom New York home is nothing short of a bargain.

The singular estate is unlike any other home we’ve seen, and train lovers, history buffs, and underground explorers will jump at the chance to purchase this home. Are you one of those people?

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