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The Perfect Home for Shark Week Fans

If you’re a Shark Week aficionado, an avid fisherman, or just need a good laugh – check out this perfect home for Shark Week fans!

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Imagine returning home from work one day to only see this in your neighbor’s lawn.

What was once a nicely remodeled home for sale in Florida has now become the residence of a Shark Week enthusiast – to put it mildly. What are you to do?

Instead of replaying images for the well-known movie Jaws in your head, perhaps it would be best to take a closer look. Even a few blocks from saltwater, it appears that Shark Week fans don’t have a hard time surviving. In fact, it doesn’t seem that they’re all that different from you and I.

They also need to eat (preferably not any humans or small pets).

They also need to keep clean when getting ready for work (imagining something in the entertainment industry).

And, they also need a place to rest their head after a long day of hustlin’.

As the home listing will tell you, there are many amenities a Shark Week fan would find appealing in this Florida home. For example, a new roof installed in 2015, and Hurricane High Impact Windows in 2017 – making it ready for any natural disaster (Sharknado, perhaps?). And with shark sightings at Satellite Beach, a mere 3 miles away from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida, you’d be in close company with family & friends.

My personal favorite photo, which depicts the family lifestyle of a Shark Week fan, is below.

As a new mom myself, the Baby Shark song has been played once or twice in my home (or 17,258,907 times, but who’s counting), so this photo resonates. I wonder if the momma shark hums that song to the baby? (Apologies if you’re now thinking ‘doo doo doo doo doo doo.’)

Either way, it’s clear to see that if a Shark Week fan were to be your neighbor, they would probably live a pretty typical life – getting ready for work, taking care of the kiddos, and even maintaining the yard. It’s a fin-tastic day in the neighborhood (too far?).

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