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Outdoor Checklist: Preparing For an Open House

Putting your home on the market can be a stressful season overall. There are many ways to prepare your home’s interior for an open house but don’t forget to also tend to the exterior of your home as well. Check out these tips for preparing your outdoor space for an open house.

Keep It Tidy

This one is kind of a no-brainer when it comes to selling your home but you may be surprised at overlooked things in your yard. Make sure to really step back and look at things in your yard that need to be cleaned up. For example, take care of old brush piles as well as any trash that has blown into the yard. If you have vinyl siding, quickly clean the exterior of your home using a power washer. Clean out gutters and make sure that downspouts are in proper working condition. Clear away any cobwebs that have been created underneath awnings and in corners in order to keep everything as clean looking as possible for the open house.

Keep It Trimmed

Make sure to mow your lawn the day before an open house to keep the lawn looking nice. Pay special attention to the edges of the lawn in order to keep grass clippings in place. Don’t neglect to blow away clippings as well in order to keep the yard in tip-top shape. If you don’t have time to complete these tasks consider hiring a temporary lawn care service while your home is on the market in order to have one less thing on your to-do list.

Fix the Small Things

You probably won’t have a lot of extra time right before an open house to tackle a big outdoor project but there are many things that you can do in order to fix smaller issues. Consider replacing that rusty hinge on the door or adding a new light bulb to the porch light that you have been meaning to do for weeks now. Add some touch-up paint to the door, woodwork, or exterior of your home in areas that are needed most. Take a few minutes to tackle these extra little jobs that are more annoying than time-consuming in order to encourage a big offer from a potential buyer.

Add Some Flowers

There is nothing like a nice pot of beautiful flowers to welcome guests to your home. Consider choosing a few different potted flowers at your local garden center in order to provide an easy splash of color to your outdoor area. Choose flower arrangements that are already potted and ready to go that will require no planting on your end. Place them near the front door and on either side of the back door to help draw potential buyers in with a sense of beauty and care for your home.

Turn On the Lights

If you have exterior lights consider turning them on for an open house in order to welcome guests. Even if your open house is during the day, providing that little touch of extra light can go a long way in brightening a space. Flip on any other outdoor lighting that may be in your private backyard space, like string or rope lights, in order to encourage potential buyers to check out the outdoor living areas of your home.

There are many things that you can do to the exterior of your home prior to an open house. Make sure to keep the lawn trimmed and the yard tidy in order to show buyers that you care for your home. Consider adding colorful flowers near the entrances to your home as well as fix a few of the small things that won’t take up too much time. Finally, flip on those lights to help showcase your home to potential buyers prior to your next open house.

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