The Best Schools and School Districts in the Nation

by Mahogany WaldonAugust 15, 2018

It’s back to school time and across the country, parents are gearing up for after school programs, homework, and packed lunches. Aside from that, parents are preparing for the first day of school by going back-to-school supplies shopping and attending open houses at new schools. For potential homeowners, settling into a neighborhood with a decent school district is a major buying factor. It can often be a deal breaker for many families as high-performing schools tend to raise property value and vice versa. has compiled a map of the best schools and school districts in the nation to highlight some of the best areas to live and raise a family.

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Whether public or private, communities across America are ranked based on the quality of the schools in their area. In fact, the quality of a neighborhood, including its schools, is among the top six home buying factors according to Inman. If you want to know why schools are so essential to the home buying process, then continue reading below.

Schools and Community

The quality of the schools around your home is important for many reasons. Education is an intricate part of the lifeblood that keeps a community thriving. School boards and city officials that regulate school districts interweave a system of support between parents, neighbors, children, and local resources to promote the well-being of the entire community. Engagement and participation from the community also strengthens the quality of the local school ecosystem. Many people, even those without kids, attend Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and school board meetings, help local kids with fundraising, and are committed to schools in their neighborhoods in other ways, but how do school districts effect home values?

Home Values and Schools

Research has shown that homes in close proximity to great school systems sell at higher prices than homes that aren’t in good school systems. With that being said, the demand for these homes also rises. This combination makes for extremely hot markets in areas that have good schools.

Factors like funding also play a role in the quality of school and home value correlation. Neighborhoods in wealthier communities are more likely to spend funding for schools more effectively.

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What Parents are Looking For

Academics isn’t the only thing that makes or breaks a school district, according to Jennifer McMurray of McMurray and Associates Real Estate in Northwest Arkansas, parents are also looking for schools with good athletic programs as well somewhere that can prep their children for their secondary education.

“The two dominating factors for most home buyers are the academic and athletic opportunities available to their children. Parents want to set their children up for success post-high school, so choosing a school that has routinely sees students getting scholarships is important, or a district that trains athletes for college sports, etc. These are all factors that parents consider, and this routinely trumps several other factors in the home buying process.”

Although those living in homes in high-ranking school districts seem to have it made, those looking to move to a great area with a strong school system aren’t quite living on Easy Street just yet. Those relocating can often have some difficulty finding homes in areas with great schools. But, keep trying, although the market might be in high demand, research is the key to finding a great home in a great community.

“My advice to anyone would be to do your homework. Research the district where you’re looking to buy. Schools are proud of their accomplishments, so finding information like graduation rate, amount of scholarships awarded, number of state championships won, etc. are usually easily accessible. There are certainly districts that are more in demand than others for whatever reason, and those see quite a bit of interest for home buyers. That interest is good news for sellers,” said McMurray.

The Winner’s list

Jericho Union Free School District is the best school district in the country. Located in Jericho, New York, this district is governed by a five-person Board of Education that is committed to ‘success for every student.’ Five schools make up this district including Jericho Middle and High School, Cantiague Elementary School, Jackson Elementary School, and Robert Seaman Elementary School. The top public school is Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy in Aurora, Illinois. The top private school is Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts.

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This map was compiled using data from, findings were created based on overall rating, academic grade, teacher grade, administrator grade, number of students, and student/teacher ratio.

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