The Views From This Futuristic Home in Montana Are Not To Be Missed

by Jamey MortonAugust 9, 2018

An Elegant Curving Three-Story Montana Masterpiece of Architecture

Have you always wanted to live in a home with its own name? Well, this may be your chance. Recently added to the real estate market in the rural Montana town of Townsend—located between Bozeman and the state capital of Helena—Big Sky House is a three-story wonder situated on 40 pristine acres, and it’s waiting for a new owner.

Designed by award-winning, renowned architect William (Bill) Massie, formerly head of the Cranbrook University School of Architecture, Big Sky House is a beautifully designed, elegantly constructed home waiting for just the right buyer to come along and take it off the market.

Built to the specs of a painstakingly put-together, intentional design, both the interior and exterior of the home are visually stimulating, to say the least. A steal (with the aforementioned forty-acre property and pristine mountain views), at just over $600,000, this home could be yours. Let’s tour the grounds now.

montana futuristic home

Big Sky House on First Glance

At first appearance, depending on the direction you may be approaching from, the three-story Big Sky House can look a bit like an oblong grain silo. It is clad on its two curved sides in corrugated steel, punctuated—seemingly at random—by vertically and horizontally oriented slim rectangular windows. Both of its flat sides are composed mostly of glass, with a single-car garage at one end, and a balcony and sliding glass doors at the other.

The interior of the home contains two bedrooms and two bathrooms, but the interior is far from simple. Elegant curved lines intersect with the traditional right angles and straight walls that dominate the inside of the structure, breaking up and informing the rooms while framing the beautiful Montana views outside the windows set into each end of the structure.

montana futuristic home

The three floors of the interior can be navigated via a spiral metal staircase, and each level has its own take on the Big Belt Mountains that surround it. The primary view from the large picture windows at either end of the Neo-Modernist home is of 9,500 foot Mt. Edith, and it’s stunning.

montana futuristic home

The Grounds and Location

The property was featured in the November 2003 issue of Metropolitan Home even though it is situated, as mentioned above, on just over forty acres outside of a small town in Central Montana. Townsend, with a population of right around 2,000 people, is a twenty-five minute drive through the Big Belt Mountains to the west from the home. So the location is just about as remote as you can get in the lower forty-eight of the Continental United States, while still being within striking distance of shops, restaurants, and other amenities.

Big Sky House is just around an hour away from the state capital of Helena to the northwest and the fashionable resort town of Bozeman to the southeast. The town is also near equidistant from both Glacier National Park and Yellowstone. So, depending on which way you want to go, you could easily see one of the world’s most wondrous landscapes in less than half a day’s drive from your front door.

montana futuristic home

Elegance, Neo-Modern Charm, and Beautiful Unspoiled Environs

For just over $600,000, this little slice of heaven – complete with forty acres, mountain views, and a famous and architecturally exquisite home – could be yours today. Even if it’s just a second home in the unspoiled wilderness of central Montana (airports are conveniently nearby in both Bozeman and Helena), this house is a definite bargain at the price, and likely won’t be on the market for very long.

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