6 DIY Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Front Entry

by Alex ThatcherSeptember 14, 2018

Make the Right First Impression by Making Your Home’s Entry Stunning

First impressions mean a lot, whether we’re talking about meeting someone new or entering someone’s home. And, the state of a home’s entry is exactly what creates that potentially special first impression in those who visit. Luckily, there are things you can do to help make your entry more inviting, so your guests or potential buyers won’t have low expectations about the rest of your home.

Here are six easy DIY ideas that can turn your drab entry area into something your visitors will remember for all the right reasons.


Paint the Front Door

A dirty door with cracked or chipped paint creates an immediate bad impression, especially when you’re putting your property up for sale in a competitive market. The good thing is that all it takes to fix this is to apply a fresh coat of paint!

Just make sure you scrape away any peeling or chipped paint and sand the area to smooth the surface before applying the paint. If the areas where the paint has chipped away are deep, then you will want to fill the space with joint compound, let it dry, and sand it smooth before applying paint.

Power Wash Your Concrete Walkways

Concrete surfaces get coated with a layer of dirt over the course of the year. This layer comes from rain-caused dirt runoff, foot traffic, fallen leaves, and other environmental factors. Simply power washing the concrete forces the dirt from the walkway’s surface, making it look like new. Instead of dirty, dingy walkways, yours will now be bright and clean.


Patch Cracks in Your Walkways

Cracks in your concrete can be tripping hazards; should someone fall on your property, you could find yourself involved in irritating litigation. Plus, cracked and uneven pieces of concrete and seriously hurt your home’s curb appeal.

Thankfully, repairing cracked concrete is simple using a ready-to-use concrete sealant product. If your walkway has uneven spots, however, this could be a more comprehensive repair as tree roots may be causing the concrete to raise. Unless you’re experienced at dealing with this type of problem, this is a job that may be better left to the professionals.

Install Exterior Lighting

A dark entry can cause one to feel uneasy when walking up to a home. Just installing some outdoor lighting can solve this problem. You can even install solar-powered lights along your walkways for a simple, no-wiring fix. Having a light near your entry door not only benefits your visitors, but it also helps you identify the person knocking on your door before you open it.


Trim the Hedges, Trees, and Shrubs

You don’t want your walkway or entry area infringed upon by unruly and overgrown trees and foliage. This is not only unsightly, but it’s also hazardous to your guests because the excess shade can cause moss to grow on your walkways or steps. Keep the walkways and entry clear by trimming the encroaching greenery away, and your home will look cleaner and more polished.

Be Smart with Exterior Décor

There’s a fine line between decorating your porch or entry in a quaint and sophisticated way and taking it overboard and cluttering it up. Therefore, you must decorate your exterior wisely and appropriately for the space you have to work with. While one home may be able to support outdoor furniture, another may only have space available for a seasonal wreath.

Take a long look at your home’s entry and separate yourself from the fact that you’re looking at your home. See if there are things that you would find a little off-putting if it were someone else’s home. Then, take the steps necessary to fix the problems. Once finished, stand back and see just how much of an improvement you were able to accomplish.

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