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by Rana WaxmanSeptember 6, 2018

Get Excited About Moving to Virginia

Contemplating a move to Virginia? As a mid-Atlantic state, Virginia is more than what meets the eye. Many areas are within a reasonable commute making it a hub and key location for anyone who works in locations like the capital. But practicality aside, the state’s slogan is “Virginia is for lovers” for a reason. Imagine living somewhere you could bask in a Southern drawl, enjoy strolls on sandy beaches or sail. A place that has four distinct seasons with outdoor activities to match. Do you like the sound of weekends that could be filled with trips through Napa-esque wine country or taking a trek through time at one of the many historical sites? Well, Virginia may be the move for you!

The Many Faces of Old Dominion

Virginia boasts an educated population (46% are college grads) and great schools. According to US News, its robust business environment is especially fertile for entrepreneurship. In addition, Virginia is ranked #5 in the nation for annual business birthrate by US News and World Report.

Putting down roots in Virginia also places you in one of the safest states in the nation. Virginia reports the third-lowest violent crime rate. And, the tenth-lowest property crime rate in the country. Cities like Bridgewater, Broadlands, and Purcellville are good bets according to Safewise.

What’s the Housing Like in Virginia?

Of course, you better get a move on it — pun intended. The Washington Post reports that buyers should gear up for a hot market. Some cities have limited availability and stiff competition. However, especially at the $600,000 price point there is a trend towards designing walkable communities and turnkey townhomes. In other words, there is plenty of new construction to consider for your new venture in Virginia.

FAST FACTS: Virginia is the state which has produced the most presidents.

What is the Best Place to Live in Virginia?

Do you prefer to see the horizon and revel in the countryside? Are you a big city person who prefers a fast pace? Virginia has many charms and places to find your groove. Enjoy quality health care, a diverse cultural scene, fantastic food, and quality leisure-time.

Here are 7 cities in Virginia to explore for your real estate needs.

  1. Charlottesville

    Cville, as it is called by locals, is both charming and cosmopolitan. It has many features to boast. From historic architecture, boutiques, museums, to parks, wineries and more. Besides great golfing, Charlottesville is a great place to raise a family. Here, you’ll enjoy living on the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Activities include sailing, swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and tubing. Look for median home values or about $280,100 or rent instead for an average of $1,030 per month.

  2. Radford

    An independent city in Virginia, Radford ranked the #1 city in Virginia for singles by Homesnacks. Their report gives great scores for commute, education, amenities, and diversity. If you enjoy the outdoors look into the area as it is known also for the scenic beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Boating, mountain biking, canoeing, and biking are some ways to enjoy time off. Monthly rents are in the $800-950 range.

  3. Broadlands

    A suburb of Virginia, Broadlands is Niche’s pick for best city in which to raise a family. It has great schools, and a suburban vibe – 85% own as opposed to renting. Here you are likely to find larger homes (4-5 bedrooms) and a diverse, well-educated community as well as walking trails and other amenities (stores, cinemas, etc.). Average home values in Broadlands are $569,800 or look for rentals of about $2,039 per month.

  4. Virginia Beach

    Virginia Beach is the largest metro area in the state but still manages to seem like a resort city. Immerse yourself here in patriotic pride and much more. This city boasts the most sizeable military population outside of the Pentagon. Virginia Beach gets top scores by Niche for nightlife, raising families, and diversity. It’s also got a stronger than average economy which may be a pull for young professionals. Just ask the number crunchers at Smart Asset: they list Virginia Beach one of the best destination cities for millennials. Look for updated homes in the mid $300,000 range unless waterfront property is your dream. Average monthly rentals are about $1258.

  1. Arlington

    In 2016, Arlington was voted the best city to live in America. Many who settle in Arlington do so to live across the Potomac River from Washington, DC. Of course, this is only part of its allure. Arlington is also home to the Pentagon. It gets an A+ for its public schools, safety, family life, nightlife, health and fitness, and receives great livability scores by Area Vibes. For these features, expect to pay about $1,000.000 for a home in North Rosslyn or about half that in Glebewood.

  2. Vienna

    Vienna, Virginia is another northern location with a suburban feel. Like Arlington, many folks live here and commute to Washington, DC. Residents here enjoy excellent public schools, public transport, cafes, and more. A small-town vibe with a walkable downtown, clean streets and good scores for families and overall friendliness. Active outdoor enthusiasts will like it too. Many homes have been remodeled and have land (great trees) so expect to pay about $883,000 for a 4-bedroom home in some areas.

  3. Leesburg

    Nerdwallet lists Leesburg the top city in Virginia for job seekers. Vienna comes in second. The county seat of Loudon County, Leesburg is a historic town and one that has blossomed. Located along the base of the Catoctin mountains, Leesburg was at one point small and rural and has the equestrian scene to prove it. Today, Leesburg has a suburban feel and employers like the Federal Aviation Administration. Residents commute to the nation’s capital. It’s also about 45 miles to the Washington Dulles International Airport. This area is fast-growing and has the opportunity to build a custom home or buy a stately property in the high $600,000 range.

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