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by Rana WaxmanSeptember 12, 2018

What new trends in home decor can we expect this fall? Fall season is all about pairing decor with personal preferences. Expect to find some playful, elegant, and upbeat options rather than having to adhere to a formula.

Check out what’s in, what’s out, and what’s here to stay. These 7 home decor tips are all the rave and could take you into 2019 in style.

Color with Purpose

Color and paint that serves a modern purpose is high on the decor it list. This season is all about creating a mood that reflects the owner’s intentions. Nancy Nevin of Feng Shui Paint LLC says that, “More and more people are privy to the effects of color on our psyche. How it can bring positive thoughts and feelings to our environment.”

This pro also advises that grays are here to stay. But, they don’t have to bring you down. Add pops of color with accent walls. Or, create some depth by painting the trim and walls in the same color. You’ll also want to move away from high gloss and use pearl/satin sheens to yield a subtler effect.

Down to Earth

Fall brings us back into the harvest season and a celebration of the earth’s bounty. It’s also food for thought when it comes to paint and furniture pallets. Pantone’s 2019 color journey actually plays up this image of bounty. Colors that remind us of chili peppers, tomatoes, golden sunsets, and a fine glass of red wine are in. Also, take note of pigmented shades like Salon Drab No. 290 by Farrow and Ball which definitely inspire storytelling and dining in.

interior design of modern white couch and lamp on bordeaux, wine-colored wall.

At Sherwin Williams, naturalist colors also include mushroom, leafy green, and passionate cherry. You’ll also see furniture in hues like cappuccino. This popular shade is also great for leather upholstery and wood finishes.

Leaf Me Alone

The fall season sees foliage transform from greens into shades of yellows, oranges and reds. Decor buffs who want to keep the fresh energy inspired by lush grass have lots of options because just about everything is being done in greens.

One way to use green is to switch your accessories. Use a forest green throw blanket instead of the summer blue. Add sage-colored pillow to your sofa or upholster your tired chairs into bold green leather or velvet. These steal the scene and add a bit of enthusiasm as winter sets in.

To brighten dim walls (like a hallway), check out Argyle (Sherwin Williams), or for green’s softer side look at Yeabridge Green (Farrow and Ball). Also remember to nurture your green thumb indoors. Plants are the new floral arrangement. Not that flowers are out, but succulents are still very much in.

The Clash

Summer had us putting stem roses in hexagon vases and mixing classic with playful. Graphics are still ‘in’ this fall as we strive to keep an upbeat mood. To keep things fun, use metal and metallic accents on walls or coffee tables. Use geometric prints in lively colors to infuse a room with confidence. Play around with bold groupings of throw pillows – each with its own personality.

Wooden dining table and vintage living room in elegant apartment.

If you are worried about not looking home-chic enough, this fall, clashing is the new normal. Parisa, the owner of Parisa Rugs calls the swing towards eclectic as “pattern play.” She says people don’t want to copy others and this is one way to make your own rules. For inspiration, check out the jacquard chairs at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. Or the black and white Portuguese bedding at CB2. West Elm also shows carved cabinetry which is a two-for-one: bold and functional.

Put on the Pretty

Pink isn’t just for little girls. Today’s pink speaks for itself, yet still blends in as any of the more classic neutrals. It’s modern vintage and not always girly, rather, it can be what you want it to be (best trend of the fall yet!). Yes, earlier in 2018, the soft pink we were seeing was a bit brighter. Don’t throw these items out just yet, but find a different way to use them.

Also, you can tone pink down with grays – or add a pop of pink to a gray bed. In fact, if you fancy the gray-pink combo you might like the color Peignoir, by Farrow and Ball. To this recipe, add throw blankets and soft furry pillows which are still in.

To keep things soft, pair lighter hues of pink with chocolates, taupe and rusty reds. For instance, Sherwin Williams, Orchid. Fuchsias will fire up the pink pigments. Use these to create a more stimulating vibe. Wherever you like this mood the best – kitchen, living room, dining area.

Cushions and blankets on a powder pink velvet sofa in a luxurious gray living room interior with wooden furniture.


Velvet stands on its own as a rockin’ trend for fall and early 2019. Even your dad’s favorite leather recliner is being made in velvet. There are both higher-end and micro-fiber variations of velvety goodness. Durable choices will stand up to mischief from pets and little kids.

While luxury velvet may be more for lounging with your iPad, velvet is still elegant and very ‘mod’ on any budget. How to use velvet? At the end of your bed, place a velvet bench, redo a worn sofa in velvet, or switch out dining and arm chairs and ottomans. Furthermore, you can go a simpler route and add throw pillows in dramatic or softer colors.


Have you noticed that furniture is rounder lately? Even sofas are curvy these days! This may relate to the building trend of floor-to-ceiling windows. Round edges let more light in and take the edge off square rooms. They also seem crafted to fit smaller social spaces, and appear to call out ‘curl up.’

Blue blanket on beige sofa against the wall with copy space in bright living room with plant on cabinet and geometric carpet.

In some rooms, bean-shaped sofas and chairs create a sense of movement. Like sit for a few, then we’re going out for drinks. If you want to keep the energy flowing even more, add a contrasting kick with geometric and graphic pillows. Want a more intimate decor? Add a large C-shaped lamp that swoops over you like tree branches, then pair it with something angular to help the eyes stay in the room.

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