How to Set Your Home Apart from the Competition

by Brooke CribbsSeptember 5, 2018

Whenever you make the decision to place your home on the market, it’s important to do some homework first. Chances are it’s been a couple of years since you purchased your current home and you need to prepare yourself for what’s currently out there on the market. While it’s very important to have a knowledgeable Realtor in your corner guiding you through the process, as the homeowner it’s also in your best interest to ensure you’re getting top dollar for your home. Here are some things to look for when you’re searching through the current listings on

The exterior of a large, new home.

Price per Square Foot

This is the jumping point, depending on the area where you live. It’s considered before any other feature that your house may have that could impact your asking price. To stay in line with the market and be realistic, pull up the houses in your area to see the price per square foot. When you see houses similar to yours, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of what a realistic asking price will be for your home.

Furniture and space planning can also affect how big or small a space feels.

The interior of a modern formal dining room and kitchen.

Picture Perfect

Houses currently on the market have sellers who have taken the steps necessary to make their homes shine. Your listing is essentially your portfolio for you home and it starts with great pictures. When you find a home with great listing photos, really take a look at those photos and ask yourself: Is the house properly staged? Does the home look cluttered? Are there any repairs that the seller overlooked? How is the curb appeal? Is there anything you could do to your home to make it stand out above the homes currently listed? Asking all of these questions can in turn help you get your home ready for the market.

The interior of a modern living room with teal and white furniture.

Time on the Market

A Realtor once told me that how long your home has been on the market could potentially give your home a stigma, as it sends up a red flag to other Realtors and buyers. It could have them wondering why your home has sat on the market for so long, and why other buyers have passed it over. Some things are out of your control, but for the most part as a seller, you have more control than you think. It’s important to price your home realistically, take care of any repairs that need done, listen to the feedback from your showings and adjust accordingly, and of course, listen to the recommendation of your Realtor.

The main goal in selling your home is to receive top dollar and get a great return on your investment. By doing some homework ahead of time and working with a knowledgeable Realtor, it can also help to put you in a better position to sell your home fast. By doing so, every buyer who comes across your listing will want to make your listing their next home.

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