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The Ultimate Baby Proofing Checklist!

If your baby is in the terrible toddler phase, then it’s definitely time to consider making your home as safe as possible. Here’s the ultimate baby proofing checklist.

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You’re expecting your first baby soon and looking around your house makes you feel as if you’re watching a scary movie. There are so many dangers lurking around every corner for your baby. Your outlets, stairways, and cleaning supplies cabinet have all got you wondering how you’re going to be able to protect your baby 24/7.

What you need to do is ditch that panic and come up with a plan instead. We’ve got your back with anĀ ultimate babyproofing checklist that will cover all your bases. Pretty soon you’ll be checking things off your checklist like an old parenting pro, and you’ll be able to rest at night knowing your child’s safety is in your competent hands. The nursery can often be filled with hazards too, if you need some easy, DIY ideas to get yours organized then look no further, here are some cool projects to check out.

Infographic highlighting areas of the home to check.

The Ultimate Babyproofing Checklist

Did you know?
In the United States:

  • A falling television or tipping f furniture sends a child to the emergency room every 24 minutes
  • Accidental suffocation is the number one cause of death for children under 1 years old
  • 9.2 million c children visit the emergency department for an unintentional injury each year

The Kitchen

  • Install door, cabinet, and applliance locks
  • Consider natural alternatives to chemical cleaning products
  • Store plastic bags and foil out of reach
  • Lock multivitamins and supplements away
  • Keep breakable dishes and cutlery up high
  • Watch for any dangling cords
  • Cover exposed electrical outlets
  • Keep small magnets off your refrigerator

The Bathroom

  • Keep the toilet lid down or invest in a toilet lid lock
  • Remove toilet bowl cleaner
  • Keep razors out of reach in the shower
  • Lock medicine and supplements away
  • Reduce your water heater temperature less than 120 degrees
  • Get a non-slip bath mat
  • Check the screw covers on the base of the toilet
  • Keep soaps and toothpaste out of reach

The Stairs

  • Get a baby gate
  • Teach your child how to safely walk stairs
  • Make sure you have a handrail
  • Consider some carpeting or non-slip mats
  • Keep stairways well-lit

The Living Areas

  • Consider carpeting to cushion falls
  • Safeguard sharp coffee table corners and edges
  • Check furniture sturdiness
  • Make sure there’s nothing dangerous baby can climb
  • Check window cords do not dangle too low
  • Close off fireplace
  • Remove dangling cords around the tv/stereo
  • Install electrical outlet and door knob covers
  • Install window locks

The Nursery/Bedroom

  • Invest in a baby monitor
  • Be wary of secondhand cribs
  • Put up a window guard
  • Look for a crib with fixed sides
  • Your baby doesn’t need a pillow
  • Install electrical outlet and door knob covers
  • Toy chests are dangerous for little fingers
  • Keep the walls around the crib free of decorations
  • Consider a glider over a rocking chair
  • Take mobiles down as your baby becomes more mobile

Around the Home

  • Remember to keep doors closed
  • Anchor wobbly furniture
  • Keep your guns safely locked up
  • Use a vacuum to help find small dangerous objects
  • Keep pools and tubs covered when not in use
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Jenny Silverstone is a professional writer, editor, and most importantly, the mother of two beautiful kids. Jenny writes for the popular parenting blog Mom Loves Best, where she shares tips to help parents keep their kids safer, healthier and happier.

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