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Why You Should Rent a Tiny Home on Your Next Vacation

Each tiny house is built to accommodate each individual’s way of living or unique style. Here’s a look at some reasons why you should rent a tiny home on your next vacation.

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In a world of six-bedroom houses and 30,000 square foot penthouse suites, tiny houses have quietly entered the scene. Usually no more than 500 square feet, tiny houses focus on simple living without sacrificing on quality or design. Tiny houses have become so popular, in fact, that they have formed a social movement of individuals looking to downsize. This tiny house movement plays host to people from all walks of life; the college student, the retired couple–the list goes on. Each tiny house is built to accommodate each individual’s way of living or unique style. Luckily for us, some even opt to share their unique homes via rental websites. Here’s a look at some reasons why you should rent a tiny home on your next vacation.

1. Escape the Hustle & Bustle

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Like many people today, you probably have a job, social commitments, and a cell phone that doesn’t stop ringing. The tiny house lifestyle is all about escaping the rat race and learning to embrace what matters in life. Travelers can even experience the freedom of unplugging in an off-grid tiny house.

2. Smaller House, Smaller Bill

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While some luxurious tiny homes may bear a higher price tag, keep in mind that this isn’t the case for most tiny homes. There are many tiny home rental options that offer a wonderful experience for less than a hotel (and they’re often pet-friendly).

3. Smaller House, Smaller Footprint

Tiny houses and the lifestyle that follows focus on minimalism and sustainable living practices. You’ll find that many tiny homes are built from reclaimed materials, and some even make use of alternative energy such as solar power. For a lower impact accommodation, tiny houses tick off all of the boxes.

4. They’re Great for Quality Time

In the spirit of embracing what is important in life, tiny houses are also the perfect getaway for couples, friends, or families. A smaller space means that you’re going to be a lot closer to your loved ones than in a residential home. A tiny house provides the intimacy and the setting to spend quality time with the people or person you’re with.

5. Camping in Comfort

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It’s like camping, but without the hassle of transporting and setting up a tent. You even get your own bathroom and indoor kitchen, should the mosquitoes get hungry. Many tiny house rentals are located just outside the city to give guests the chance to get some fresh air. Often kitted with fire pits and picnic tables, tiny house owners will pull out all the stops when it comes to giving guests the campsite experience.

6. You Don’t Need to Pack a Lot

You can leave the giant rolling suitcase behind! Tiny houses are all about simplicity and minimalism – one of the biggest reasons why people are into them! You only need the necessities, and some tiny houses even come stocked with food.

7. Try Something Different

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With an endless supply of flashy hotels on the market, a tiny house rental is a new, practically exotic adventure. Choosing a tiny home for your next getaway will leave you with incredible memories and a far more interesting vacation story.

8. It’ll Help You Decide If Tiny Living Is for You

If you’re on the fence about owning a tiny house yourself; this is a great way to test it out. It also doesn’t hurt to check out someĀ tiny house information on the web to find out more. Living tiny isn’t necessarily for everyone, and it’s a good way to see if you can picture yourself doing it full-time.

The Takeaway

Staying in a tiny house is such a unique, and gratifying experience. In making the decision to try a tiny house on your next vacation, you’ll be choosing an option that offers you the chance to live simply. To spend quality time with the people you care about. To live in a big way. You might find it’s the little things that make all the difference.

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Molli is a U.S. citizen currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. Aside from writing about tiny houses, Molli loves traveling and is always on the hunt for unique vacation rentals.

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