10 Signs Your Flip May Be Haunted ala “The Haunting of Hill House”

The new Netflix show, “The Haunting of Hill House”, features a young couple who are going to flip their house. However, as the title alludes, the house may have a few sinister plans of its own – giving these flippers a run for their money. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

This time of year, the market is primed and ready for house flippers. If you’re thinking of making this type of investment in the real estate space, you’re in luck! The new Netflix show, The Haunting of Hill House, features a young couple doing just that. However, as the title alludes, the house may have a few sinister plans of its own – giving these flippers a run for their money. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

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Let’s back up a bit and explain just who these house flippers are in the new show. Hugh and Olivia Crain are seasoned pros and big fans of the do-it-yourself restoration method. They live in their flip, the Hill House, with their five children: Steven, Shirley, Theodora, Luke, and Nell. The couple hopes that the profits from this flip will allow them to build their esteemed “forever house” in the next few years. However, this family quickly learns all is not right. The Crains chose to ignore these warning signs that could’ve indicated they had a bad flip on their hands. Don’t pull a Crain; here are the ten signs your flip might be haunted, taken from all ten episodes of the hit show!

1. There’s a room you don’t have a key to. Specifically a “red room.”

In The Haunting of Hill House, there is a room that the residents can’t seem to access, deemed “the red room.” The Crain children are fascinated by the mystery of the room and frequently hear footsteps or see lights coming from it. Want to know what’s strange? There is no other way into this room except through the red door. If you’re thinking about purchasing a house to flip with an inaccessible room, don’t. It’s just that simple.

2. The house comes with a staff that refuses to stay after dark.

Lucky for the Crain family, when they purchased the Hill House, they also inherited Mr. and Mrs. Dudley, the caretakers of the residence. They refuse to stay after dark, and viewers get the eerie feeling that they have seen (and know) a lot more than they let on with the home. If this sounds like your current flip, it might be time to evaluate your number one property. We’re pretty confident there are other homes for sale that could use your touch.

3. You frequently hear a scratching noise within the walls, yet your pest-control company repeatedly tells you your property is rodent-free.

If this isn’t a sign that there is something seriously wrong with the residence, we don’t know what is. Your best bet is to either hightail it out of there, or quickly flip the house and let the next set of owners deal with it. That is, if you make it to the sale of the home.

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4. You don’t have a clear set of blueprints to the house and frequently find new rooms and hidden passageways.

Seriously? Finding a hidden basement for Prohibition-era rum-running is one thing. Not being able to see the entire house you’re trying to flip is a brand new ballgame. What do you tell the new owners? “It has 10 bedrooms… today… there could be more tomorrow!” Here’s a great listing detail idea, “if you love hide-and-go-seek, this is the perfect house for you.”

5. Your children (or you) make imaginary friends from all around the property.

Making an imaginary friend is one of the trademarks of childhood. But in a residence like this, one can’t be too sure if this imaginary character is the ghost of a previous owner and if he or she has insidious motives for you and your little ones.

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6. An indoor statue garden came with the house.

You can’t be too safe when inheriting statues from previous owners. Who are they? Why are they there? Is it a permanent fixture to the house you’re flipping? These should top the short list of questions you must ask yourself. Plus, you don’t need those judging eyes or shifting heads when you’re making a beeline to the ‘fridge for a midnight snack.

7. The dumbwaiter has a mind of its own and traps all inhabitants.

There’s nothing like a good ride on a dumbwaiter to get to another level of your home. However, unluckily for the Crain family, their dumbwaiter never seems to work. It takes you where you don’t want to go and traps you inside. If you’re not sure that fixing this terror-trap is worth the funds and labor, spackling over it and pretending it doesn’t exist could be a great option.

8. You’ve found hidden messages under the wallpaper. Addressed to you.

One of the most satisfying parts of flipping a home (which also gives it an instant update) is removing dated wallpaper. When you take on this project, you also take a gamble at the condition of the walls underneath the paper. The Crain family found a few more tricks rather than treats when taking down the wallpaper in one of the many rooms in their home. If you find a message written especially for you, or with your name on it, maybe you should evaluate this flip.

9. You hear packs of wild dogs barking at night, and your neighbors can’t confirm it.

You don’t hear those ravenous dogs making a commotion at our front door? Is that just us? Whether the mysterious canines are part of the property or there is something spooky trying to lure you deeper into the mystery house, this is a sign you should venture as far away from the property as possible.

10. You hear voices in the home speaker systems.

It’s all fun and games in your fixer-upper until you hear voices within the home’s speaker systems. One minute, you’re asking your partner to bring you a hammer via the air-phone and the next you’re hearing an unfamiliar voice.

If you’re flipping a property and one or all of these occurrences are happening to you, it might be time to evaluate the worth of your flip. On one hand, you could make a hefty profit and grow your reputation as a reliable flipper. But, on the other hand, well… you sacrifice your sanity and possibly your family.

If all of these situations don’t scare you away, find your own haunted flip with the Snap & Search tool. There’s one already on the market in Georgia that has a few similar features to our beloved Hill House. Explore if you dare. Until next time, ghouls and gals!

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